Where is westport massachusetts

How far is Westport MA from Boston?

approximately 60 miles

Is Westport MA a good place to live?

Westport is a small, quiet farming town located on the Southeastern coast of New England. It’s a nice place to live as it is very quiet, safe and family friendly. There are also lots of nice beaches in the summer! Nice and quiet, nice place to live and raise kids if you’re panning on it.

What county is Westport mass?


When was Westport Ma founded?

1787 г.

Is Dartmouth MA a good place to live?

Dartmouth is overall a great place to live . It is a fairly small town. While there is a lack of things to do The town makes up for it with its safety.

Was there just an earthquake in Massachusetts?

A 3.6 magnitude earthquake hit southern New England on Sunday, causing little serious damage but a rattling plenty of people’s nerves. The quake was first reported as magnitude 4.0, but later downgraded to 3.6. It struck just after 9 a.m. and was centered in Buzzards Bay, off the coast of New Bedford, Massachusetts .

Who is the sheriff of Bristol County?

Thomas M. Hodgson

What is the zip code for Westport Massachusetts?

02721 02790 02791

How did Horseneck Beach get its name?

The name Horseneck is believed to have come from a Native American word meaning “house made of stone.” The beach was established as a state reservation in the 1950s and has been in public use for the last 60 years.

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