Population of boston massachusetts

What is the population of Boston Massachusetts 2020?


What is the population of Boston Massachusetts 2019?


What percentage of Boston is white?


Persons 65 years and over, percent  11.5%
Female persons, percent  52.0%
Race and Hispanic Origin
White alone, percent  52.8%

What percent of Mass is black?


Female persons, percent  51.5%
Race and Hispanic Origin
White alone, percent  80.6%
Black or African American alone, percent(a)  9.0%

How many Chinese are in Boston?

Cities and Towns with Largest Chinese Population (Alone or in Combination)

Boston 25,921
Cambridge 6,693
Newton 6,040
Brookline 4,432
Lexington 2,984

Is Boston the most European city in America?

The capital of Massachusetts is a top cultural destination, both for its array of museums and history. Boston is said to be the most European city in the United States as you can get around on foot or by public transport, amongst other things.

What’s Boston famous for?

Boston is best known for its famous baked beans, Fenway Park , The Boston Marathon, and of course for the bar from Cheers , but dig a little deeper below the surface and you’ll find a surprising wealth of things that make Boston one of the best cities in America—and the world.

What are the 10 largest metropolitan areas in the United States?

Change in the 10 largest metro areas

Rank Metropolitan statistical area 2018 population
1 New York-Newark-Jersey City, NY-NJ-PA 19,979,477
2 Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, CA 13,291,486
3 Chicago-Naperville-Elgin, IL-IN-WI 9,498,716
4 Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX 7,539,711

Is Boston predominantly white?

Massachusetts has an estimated population of 6.902 million as of 2018 according to the U. S. Census Bureau. Massachusetts Racial Breakdown of Population (2017) hide.

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Race White
Percentage of Massachusetts population 81.3%
Percentage of United States population 76.6%
Difference +4.7%

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What percentage of Boston is Catholic?

36 percent

What is the average income in Boston?


Mean travel time to work (minutes), workers age 16 years+, 2015-2019 30.9
Income & Poverty
Median household income (in 2019 dollars), 2015-2019 $71,115
Per capita income in past 12 months (in 2019 dollars), 2015-2019 $44,690

Whats the most diverse city in America?


What percent of Massachusetts is Irish?

21.5 percent

What percentage of US population is black?


What are the 3 largest cities in population in Massachusetts?


Rank Name Population (2019)
1. Boston 692,600
2. Worcester 185,428
3. Providence 179,883
4. Springfield 153,606

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