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Which colonies were the New England colonies?

Map of the eastern seaboard, showing New England colonies ( Massachusetts , Rhode Island , New Hampshire , Connecticut ), Middle colonies (New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware), Chesapeake colonies (Virginia, Maryland), and Southern colonies (North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia).

What colonies were in Massachusetts?

The Massachusetts Colony was one of four colonies that made up the New England Colonies , which also included the New Hampshire Colony, the Connecticut Colony, and the Rhode Island Colony.

What jobs were available in the New England colonies?

New England settlers found work as fishermen , dock workers, sailors, shipbuilders, merchants and artisans. Most people farmed, but the poor soil made anything but bare subsistence farming impossible.

What were the New England colonies problems?

Notably, for the colonists in Massachusetts Bay and New England , disease was less of a problem than it was in the southern colonies . The cold winters limited travel, and the comparatively small farming communities that were established limited the spread of infection. Death rates dwindled, and life expectancy rose.

What was the religion in the New England colonies?


What were the New England colonies known for?

The geography and climate impacted the trade and economic activities of New England Colonies . In the New England towns along the coast, the colonists made their living fishing, whaling, and shipbuilding. The fish included cod, mackerel, herring, halibut, hake, bass and sturgeon.

What religion was Massachusetts colony?

Puritan theocracy

Which colony was more successful Massachusetts or Virginia?

Massachusetts was much more successful than Virginia . There was a war between the Puritans and Pequots however. They were in a battle of fur trades. Eventually the problems intensified and the Pequot War began.

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What is the oldest town in Massachusetts?


What were the two main jobs in the New England region?

Jobs and history One of the jobs in the New England Colonies was a blacksmith . A blacksmith works with iron ans steel. Fisherman were an important job because the New England Colonies were really close to the ocean and they had to catch fish for the colonies. The history of the New England Colonies.

What products were produced in the New England colonies?

Trade in the Colonies

Region Economy, Industries and Trade in the Colonies
New England Colonies Fish , whale products , ships, timber products, furs, maple syrup , copper, livestock products , horses, rum, whiskey and beer

How did the New England colonies make money?

How did the New England Colonies make their money ? Their economy was based on trading, lumbering,fishing, whaling, shipping, fur trading (forest animals) and ship building. The Middle Colonies also practiced trade like New England , but typically they were trading raw materials for manufactured items.

Which two religious groups settled in the New England colonies?

Society and religion in the New England colonies . The New England colonies organized society around the Puritan religion and family farming.

What are the 4 colonies of New England?

The New England colonies were made up of the colonies of Massachusetts , Connecticut , New Hampshire , and Rhode Island . The New England colonies were flat along the rocky coastline, which made good harbors.

How were the colonies similar and different?

The colonies were alike in that they all had close ties to England. They were mainly inhabited by English-speaking people. The Middle colonies and New England had few slaves, while the southern colonies had africans as much of the population.

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