Massachusetts social security death index

Is Social Security Death Index FREE?

For most years since 1973, the SSDI includes 93 percent to 96 percent of deaths of individuals aged 65 or older. It is frequently updated; the version of June 22, 2011, contained 89,835,920 records . Unlike the Death Master File, the SSDI is available free from several genealogy websites.

How do I find out if someone died in Massachusetts?

The first place to look for death records would be the Massachusetts Registry of Vital Records for the period from 1921 to the present day. You can access the Registry through the government website for the state,

Are death records public in Massachusetts?

Death certificates are public record , so any member of the public can obtain a copy at the city or town clerk’s office where the death occurred.

How often is the Social Security death index updated?

Make the SSDI Interactive * Data supplied from the Social Security Death Index , which is updated monthly.

What is Social Security Death Master File?

Death Master File (DMF) is a publicly. available database containing more than. 60 million death notices for individuals. enrolled in the U.S. Social Security . program since 1936.

How do you receive death benefit from Social Security?

Form SSA -8 | Information You Need To Apply For Lump Sum Death Benefit . You can apply for benefits by calling our national toll-free service at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778) or by visiting your local Social Security office.

Are death certs public record?

As with birth records , death records maintained by the bureau of vital statistics or local registration official are available to the public .

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How long does it take to get a death certificate in Massachusetts?

about two weeks

Are death certificates public information?

Are Death Records Open to the Public ? More often than not, death records are open to the public . Pursuant to federal statutes, general death -related information may be disseminated to persons who are 18 or older. Persons authorized by court order.

How do I find out if someone died?

One of the simplest ways to find out if someone you know has passed away is by using an obituary search online. There are plenty of reliable sites to search for obituaries, but one of the most reputable is This website lets you browse by last name, country, date or keywords.

Where do you get a death certificate in Massachusetts?

You can request a copy of a death certificate from the clerk of the city or town where the death occurred. The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner does not issue death certificates . Death certificates are issued from the city or town clerk where the death occurred.

Where are death certificates filed?

A certificate of death should be on file in the governing locality where the death occurred. Death records are kept permanently on file either in a State vital statistics office or a city / county office. The Federal Government does not maintain death records.

When did Social Security Death Index?


Why can’t I find a death record?

First, call the cemetery office and ask if they will send you a copy of the burial record you need. Be prepared with the name of the deceased and the death date. Second, call a local library, local historical society, or genealogical society in the area and ask if they have copies or microfilm of burial records .

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What happens to dead people’s Social Security numbers?

What happens to your Social Security number after you die? The Social Security Administration ( SSA ) maintains a national file of reported deaths for the purpose of paying appropriate benefits.

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