Massachusetts sales tax 2016

What was California sales tax in 2016?


State State Tax Rate Combined Rate
California (b) 7.50% 8.48%
Colorado 2.90% 7.52%
Connecticut 6.35% 6.35%
Delaware none none

Does MA tax capital gains?

There is both federal and state capital gains tax . In Massachusetts , for short term capital gains (property held for one year or less is) the tax rate is 12% and for long-term capital gain (property held more than one year) the tax rate is 5.2%.

What is exempt from sales tax in Massachusetts?

In Massachusetts , all clothing and footwear items at $175 or less are exempt from sales tax . Items above $175 are taxable at the statewide Massachusetts rate of 6.25%. But that’s where things can get a little tricky for online sellers. Only the price of the item beyond the non- taxable $175 is taxable .

What is the sales tax on food in Massachusetts?


What US state has the highest state income tax for 2016?

Seven states have no income taxes : Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Washington, Wyoming and Texas. New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts are the top three states with the highest individual state income taxes , according to data from the Tax Foundation.

What is the California sales tax rate for 2020?


What is not taxed in Massachusetts?

While the Massachusetts sales tax of 6.25% applies to most transactions, there are certain items that may be exempt from taxation . Other tax-exempt items in Massachusetts .

Category Exemption Status
General Clothing EXEMPT *
Food and Meals
Grocery Food EXEMPT
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Why did my MA state tax go up?

Why was there an increase in the Massachusetts Income Tax deduction in my latest paycheck? The MIT payroll system takes this deduction into account when calculating the MA tax amount. Once the Social Security and Medicare year-to-date balances reach $2,000, your effective MA taxes will be slightly higher.

What is the tax rate for short term stock gains?

2020 capital gains tax rates

Long-term capital gains tax rate Your income
0% $0 to $80,000
15% $80,001 to $496,600
20% $496,601 or more
Short-term capital gains are taxed as ordinary income according to federal income tax brackets.

What gets taxed in MA?

Sales tax. The Massachusetts sales tax is 6.25% of the sales price or rental charge of tangible personal property (including gas, electricity, and steam) or certain telecommunications services1 sold or rented in Massachusetts.

Is toilet paper taxed in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts exempts “health care items” including tampons, diapers, and hearing aids. In fact, all but seven states tax toilet paper —when states without sales taxes are factored in—but “ toilet paper tax ” outrage doesn’t garner nearly as much social media momentum as “tampon tax ” petitions do, and perhaps rightly so.

Which state has highest sales tax?


Is alcohol taxed in MA?

The ballot measure for the 2010 ballot was added after the Massachusetts State Legislature increased the sales tax in the state from 5% to 6.25% and eliminated an exemption for alcohol sold in liquor stores. The Measure passed with 52% of the vote thereby eliminating the sales tax on alcohol beginning January 1, 2011.

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Is Social Security taxed in MA?

Massachusetts is moderately tax-friendly for retirees. It fully exempts Social Security retirement benefits and income from public pension funds from taxation . Income from an IRA, 401(k), 403(b) or any other type of retirement savings account is taxed at the state income tax rate of 5.05%.

Why do restaurants charge tax on food?

The purchase of food for eventual resale in your restaurant is a tax -exempt purchase. Your supplier should not charge you sales tax on food used exclusively for resale. Sales taxes will only be due when you eventually sell food to patrons at your restaurant .

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