Massachusetts nursing practice act

What is the Nurse Practice Act in California?

The Nursing Practice Act (NPA) is the body of California law that mandates the Board to set out the scope of practice and responsibilities for RNs. The NPA is located in the California Business and Professions Code starting with Section 2700.

What is the role of the Nurse Practice Act?

The NPA gives authority to regulate the practice of nursing and the enforcement of law to an administrative agency or BON that is charged with maintaining the balance between the rights of the nurse to practice nursing and the responsibility to protect the public health, safety, and welfare of its citizens (Brous, 2012

What is the Wisconsin Nurse Practice Act?

The Nurse Practice Act (NPA), as stated in Chapter 440 (Department of Safety and Professional Services) and 441 (Board of Nursing ) of Wisconsin Statutes, grants the Board of Nursing the authority to regulate education as well as the licensure and practice of registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs),

What is the purpose of the Nurse Practice Act in Kentucky?

The Kentucky Board of Nursing is authorized by Kentucky Revised Statutes (KRS) Chapter 314 to regulate nurses , nursing education and practice , to promulgate administrative regulations, and to issue advisory opinions on nursing practice , in order to assure that safe and effective nursing care is provided by nurses to

What is the most important function of the Nurse Practice Act?

The main purpose of nursing practice acts is to protect the public from unsafe practitioners, and the ultimate goal is competent, quality nursing care provided by qualified practitioners.

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What are the components of the Nurse Practice Act?

Authority of the BON Making, amending and enforcing regulations. Setting standards in nursing education. Setting licensure fees. Ensuring criminal background check. Providing license to applicants. Ensuring nurses are updated with continuing education. Collecting and analyzing nursing workforce data.

Can RN refuse assignment?

The nurse has the right to refuse an assignment that he/she does not feel prepared to assume. Ensure competent nursing care is provided to the patient. Provide and organize nursing resources to ensure that patients receive safe, effective and appropriate nursing care.

What happens when a nurse is suspected of having violated the Nurse Practice Act?

If the after a thorough investigation, the BON determines there is sufficient basis that the nurse violated the act or regulations, the BON may take disciplinary action on the nurse’s license. Currently, the annual rate of discipline on a nursing license is less than one percent.

Where is the Nurse Practice Act found?

Together the NPA and rules/regulations guide and govern nursing practice . When using this tool, the links will direct you to the state board of nursing website where you can locate the NPA via the state statute or code. The rules/regulations are found in the sections or chapters of the state administrative code.

Can LPNs draw blood in Wisconsin?

Licensed Practical Nurses or LPNs , MUST work under the direction of a Physician or a Registered Nurse (RN). They are trained to administer prescribed medications, draw blood and other fluids, and care for injuries or surgical incisions under the supervision of either a Physician or RN.

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Which statement is true concerning political action of nurses?

What statement is true concerning nurses as a political body? Feedback: As a whole, the nursing profession has not yet recognized the full potential of collective political activity .

Who can file a complaint with the Wisconsin Board of Nursing?

Bad news: Anyone can file a complaint about anyone licensed at any time. Sometimes complaints can even be made anonymously. Each year, the DSPS receives approximately 3,000 complaints 3 and the department is required to investigate each of them.

How is the scope of practice different from a Nurse Practice Act?

Scope of practice refers to the professional activities defined under state law . The scope of practice for nurses is determined by each state’s nurse practice act . These standards of care are guidelines and are not law unless referred to in state nurse practice acts .

What kind of law is the Nurse Practice Act?

The Nursing Practice Act (NPA) is the body of California law that mandates the Board to set out the scope of practice and responsibilities for RNs. The NPA is located in the California Business and Professions Code starting with Section 2700.

What is the Nursing Act?

The Nursing Act gives RNs and RPNs who meet certain conditions the authority to initiate specific controlled acts . This means they may independently decide if a specific procedure is required and safely initiate the procedure without a specific order or directive from a physician.

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