Massachusetts maps with towns

How many towns Does Massachusetts have?

Based on the form of government, there are 294 towns and 57 cities in Massachusetts. Some municipalities, however, still refer to themselves as “towns” even though they have a city form of government.

What towns are in Suffolk County in Massachusetts?

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What towns are in northern Massachusetts?

When combined with the North Shore Chamber of Commerce’s definition of the region, the North Shore comprises the following cities and towns: Amesbury . Beverly. Boxford . Danvers . Essex. Georgetown . Gloucester . Groveland.

What towns are in Eastern Massachusetts?

Cities and towns

Municipality Type Population (2010)
East Bridgewater Town 13,794
Eastham Town 4,956
Easton Town 23,112
Edgartown Town 4,067

What is the biggest town in Massachusetts?

Largest by population: Town of Brookline, 58,732 / City of BOSTON , 617,594. Largest by square miles: Town of Plymouth, 97.57 / City of TAUNTON, 47.29.

What is the oldest town in Massachusetts?


What towns are in Middlesex County in MA?

Major Cities in Middlesex County by Population Lowell 108,491Somerville 77,560Framingham 69,900Waltham 61,908Malden 60,309View Full List

Are there Counties in Massachusetts?

The U.S. state of Massachusetts has 14 counties.

How many towns are in Suffolk County Ma?

Boston Revere Chelsea Winthrop

What is the nicest town in Massachusetts?

Best Towns to Raise Families in Massachusetts Amherst. Amherst is in Hampshire County and has a population of 40,000 people. Bedford. Bedford is an American historical hub located in Middlesex County. Springfield. Springfield is the third largest city in Massachusetts. Lexington . Brookline . Medford. Hull. North Adams.

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What is the farthest state from Massachusetts?

Boston (MA)

Farthest Domestic Cities KM
Honolulu (HI), United States of America 8,191
Anchorage (AK), United States of America 5,435
Daly City (CA), United States of America 4,352
San Francisco (CA), United States of America 4,344

What towns are considered South Shore Massachusetts?

The South Shore Region includes the communities of Cohasset , Scituate , Norwell , Hanover , Marshfield , Pembroke, Duxbury , Kingston, and Plymouth . MassBays’ South Shore region encompasses nine communities from Cohasset to Plymouth , including six within the North and South Rivers watershed.

What is the second biggest town in Massachusetts?


What’s considered Western Mass?

Counties. The western portion of Massachusetts consists approximately of the four counties of Franklin, Hampshire, Hampden and Berkshire. This set of four counties is sometimes regarded as defining Western Massachusetts ; for example, the Western Massachusetts Office of the Governor serves residents of these counties.

What towns are in Central Mass?

Cities and towns[edit] Auburn. Framingham. Milford. Princeton – Home of Mount Wachusett Ski Area. Sturbridge – See Old Sturbridge Village, a living history village. Westborough. Worcester – The second largest city in Massachusetts. Southboro – Affluent town home to St Marks School and Fay School.

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