Massachusetts lemon law new car

Do lemon laws apply to new cars?

Lemon laws may require an auto manufacturer to either replace or provide some reimbursement to the owner of a vehicle when it has a serious defect that makes it unsafe or inoperable, and unfixable. Lemon laws typically apply to new cars , but they also can apply to used vehicles in some states.

What is covered under Massachusetts lemon law?

The Massachusetts Lemon Aid Law ( Lemon Law ) allows you to void or cancel a motor vehicle contract or sale if your vehicle fails to pass inspection within seven days from the date of sale AND if the estimated costs of repairs of emissions or safety related defects exceed 10% of the purchase price.

What should I do if my new car is a lemon?

If your car meets the lemon law requirements for your state, you have the right to obtain a refund or replacement car from the manufacturer. Although the process for getting this relief is different in each state, in all states you must first notify the manufacturer of the defect.

Is there a lemon law for used cars in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts has a special lemon law for used car sales involving private people. The law requires the seller to tell the buyer about any known defects that impair the safety or substantially impair the value of the used vehicle . Sale price and mileage don’t matter.

What can I do if a dealership sold me a lemon?

By definition, a used car dealer that sells a lemon is required to buy back the car. Consumer laws are very clear about dealer and manufacturer liability for lemons : once a car is declared a lemon it must be refunded and the contract must be canceled.

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Can you return a new car if it has problems?

In situations in which there’s a clear problem with a new car , the dealer will often fix it under warranty. If no warranty exists, as with many used cars , you can still lobby to have the car fixed. The dealer’s incentive to make such repairs is to build goodwill and attract repeat customers.

Can you return a vehicle after purchase in Massachusetts?

A private party doesn’t need to give you a warranty, but they do have to tell you about any defects before you buy the car . If they don’t tell you about a known problem, you have 30 days to cancel the sale and get your money back. You ‘re also protected under the Massachusetts Inspection law.

What types of problems are covered by the lemon law?

The Lemon Law protects a consumer whose new motor vehicle has a “defect or condition that impairs the use or value of the new motor vehicle to the consumer.” Significantly, the law now measures the defect or condition from the point of view of the individual consumer, not the manufacturer or dealer.

Do lemon laws apply to private sellers?

What is the private party lemon law ? A private seller is any person who is not a dealer who sells or offers to sell a used motor vehicle to a consumer. The law applies to all private party sales regardless of the price or mileage. Private party sellers are not required to repair the vehicle after it has been sold.

How does a car qualify for lemon law?

The definition of a ‘ lemon ‘ is a car (often new) that is found to be defective only after its purchase. Any motor vehicle with numerous, severe defects that reoccur after multiple repair attempts is such and the term ‘ lemon ‘ can also extend to any product with flaws too great or severe to serve its purpose.

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What happens if dealership can’t fix car?

If the dealership fails to successfully repair or replace the vehicle , it may be required to buy back the vehicle and pay you compensation through a lemon law buyback reimbursement.

How long does the lemon law process take?

How long does the process take ? Usually, California Lemon Law can reach a settlement with the manufacturer within 30-90 days. Most of the cases close within 30 days.

Can I cancel a car purchase agreement in Massachusetts?

Can I cancel the purchase of my car ? You do not have a 3-day right to cancel your purchase of a new or used vehicle if you are unhappy with the vehicle . Once a contract is signed, it is considered legally binding.

Does a dealership have to disclose a lemon?

The short answer to your question is yes. If the dealer sells a car that was previously returned to them under a lemon law, they would be required to disclose that fact to you.

What year does the lemon law cover?

In 1970, California enacted the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act requiring all manufacturers to repurchase or replace faulty products they failed to fix after a “reasonable number” of repair attempts.

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