Massachusetts health and human services

Who is in charge of MassHealth?

Marylou Sudders

How much can you make and still get MassHealth?

View coronavirus (COVID-19) resources on Visit for live updates. Who is eligible for Massachusetts MassHealth (Medicaid)?

Household Size* Maximum Income Level (Per Year)
1 $16,971
2 $22,930
3 $28,888
4 $34,846

How do I know if I am eligible for MassHealth?

You must be a resident of Massachusetts to get MassHealth or other health care benefits that are funded by the Commonwealth. You live in Massachusetts and either intend to reside in Massachusetts, with or without a fixed address, or have entered Massachusetts with a job commitment or seeking employment.

What does Eohhs stand for?

Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services

Who is the head of MassHealth?

Marylou Sudders

How do I get my DCF records in MA?

Phone Main Call Massachusetts Department of Children & Families ( DCF ), Main at (617) 748-2000. Auto Attendant Call Massachusetts Department of Children & Families ( DCF ), Auto Attendant at 617-748-2400. Child-at-Risk Hotline Call Massachusetts Department of Children & Families ( DCF ), Child-at-Risk Hotline at 800-792-5200.

What is the income limit for MassHealth 2020?

2020 MassHealth Income Standards and Federal Poverty Guidelines

Family Size MassHealth Income Standards 100% Federal Poverty Level
Monthly Yearly
1 $522 $12,768
2 $650 $17,244
3 $775 $21,720

What is considered low income in Massachusetts?

2019 Government Poverty Guidelines

Household Size 100% of Poverty 300% of Poverty
1 $12,760 $38,280
2 $17,240 $51,720
3 $21,720 $65,160
4 $26,200 $78,600

Can you own a house and be on MassHealth?

In most instances, you can own a home and still get MassHealth coverage of your health or long-term care. While MassHealth has strict income and asset limits on eligibility, in most cases it doesn’t count the home against those limits. spouse is living at home, you can keep it no matter its value.

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How does MassHealth verify income?

MassHealth verifies income at the time someone applies by requiring their two most recent pay stubs and requesting their most recent federal tax returns. Harris said they rely more heavily on pay stub information over federal and state tax returns because it is the most recent, reliable information.

Is MassHealth the same as Medicare?

So, just to summarize things for purposes of memory: MassHealth is the state administrator of Medicaid, Medicaid is the low income welfare system for people of limited resources, and Medicare is the social insurance that we’ll all receive when we reach a certain age.

Can I have MassHealth and Medicare?

One Care is a way to get your MassHealth and Medicare benefits together. One Care offers services that you can ‘t get when your MassHealth and Medicare benefits are separate. With One Care, you have one plan, one card, and one person to coordinate your care.

How do I pay my MassHealth premium?

Visiting, or. Calling. (866) 421-7484 (English) or. (866) 481-1067 (Spanish)

Does MassHealth cover nicotine patches?

If you are covered by MassHealth in addition to Medicare, MassHealth will cover the nicotine patch , nicotine gum, and nicotine lozenge. No prior authorization is required. Your usual co-pay applies. For other supplemental insurance coverage , check with your insurer.

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