Lexus dealers in massachusetts

Can you haggle with Lexus dealers?

Lexus is expanding its one -price, no negotiation selling plan to several other dealers in an effort to make the buying process faster and less stressful. Called Lexus Plus, 13 dealers have adopted or are in the process of adopting no haggle selling for new and used vehicles as well as service, parts and accessories.

Who is the largest Lexus dealer in the US?

Opened on Independence Day 2015, the world’s largest Lexus dealership at 1510 W. Dundee Road in Arlington Heights provides abundant and exciting amenities on two floors and 190,000-square-feet for the ultimate car -shopping experience.

How do I get my Lexus Certified?

The certification process includes but is not limited to the following parameters: – Lexus vehicle is less than six (6) year of age. – Lexus vehicle has less than 70,000 miles. – Lexus vehicle passes the 161-Point Inspection. – Lexus vehicle has a upstanding CARFAX® history report. – Lexus vehicle must be in “like-new” condition.

How often does Lexus offer 0 financing?

Lexus , however, wants to lure you into buying its vehicles through financing this month with an irresistible offer that spans nationwide. In a report by CarsDirect, dealers are now offering interest-free financing for 60 months on any 2020 and 2019 model year Lexus .

What is the best Lexus for the money?

The Best & Worst Lexus Models, Ranked 1 Worst: Lexus GS 450h . via Pinterest. 2 Worst: Lexus IS 350. via 3 Worst: Lexus IS 250. 4 Worst: Lexus LS 460. 5 Best: Lexus LC 500. 6 Best: Lexus RX Hybrid. 7 Best: Lexus LS XF40. 8 Best: Lexus IS 300 .

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What should you not say to a car salesman?

10 Things You Should Never Say to a Car Salesman “I really love this car ” You can love that car — just don’t tell the salesman . “I don’t know that much about cars ” “My trade-in is outside” “I don’t want to get taken to the cleaners” “My credit isn’t that good” “I’m paying cash” “I need to buy a car today” “I need a monthly payment under $350”

Who owns Longo Lexus?

How many Lexus dealerships are in the US?

Dedicated to helping you go places. We’re proud of our dealer teams working at nearly 1,500 Toyota and Lexus dealerships across North America .

Is buying a certified Lexus worth it?

The general rule of thumb is that for mainstream models that have a good reputation for reliability, the CPO isn’t worth spending more money on, but if you can get the extra coverage without any additional cost that is probably the car to buy .

Can I get my used Lexus Certified?

Used Lexus vehicles for sale on dealer lots have the opportunity to be labeled as L/ Certified . Additionally, vehicles can only qualify for the program if they are less than six years old or have less than 70,000 miles on the odometer.

How long is Lexus Certified Warranty?

LIKE NO OTHER. LEXUS WARRANTY . Certified Pre-Owned Lexus vehicles receive a Lexus -backed, three-year-from-your-date-of-purchase or 100,000 total vehicle mile warranty . ** This includes 24-Hour Roadside Assistance; a complimentary loaner car; and Trip Interruption Service.

What is the best time to buy a Lexus?

When Is the Best Time to Buy a Lexus ? First Things First. Your Lexus is one of life’s luxuries. The Best Time to Buy A Car? – Before You Need One! Go Earlier in the Week. This might seem trivial but the fact is that most dealerships hit their peak hours on weekends. End of Year / Quarter / Month . End of Design and Model Cycles. Holidays. Final Thoughts.

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Is it better to lease or buy a Lexus?

Because Lexus has such strong resale values, they become more cost effective to buy than to lease after about four years for clients who don’t mind driving an older car. For those who would prefer to drive a consistently newer vehicle or prefer the consistent low payments, leasing remains a cost-effective choice.

What credit score do you need to get 0% financing on a car?

And if you’re hoping to score a 0% APR car loan, you’ll likely need a very good or exceptional FICO ® Score , which means a score of 740 or above . Before you start shopping for a new vehicle, take some time to check your credit score to see where you stand.

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