Is massachusetts a state or commonwealth

What is the difference between a commonwealth and a state?

The distinction is in name alone. The commonwealths are just like any other state in their politics and laws, and there is no difference in their relationship to the nation as a whole. When used to refer to U.S. states , there is no difference between a ‘ state ‘ and a ‘ commonwealth ‘. The distinction is in name alone.

What does it mean when a state is a commonwealth?

The Commonwealth states form themselves into a free, sovereign, and independent body politic, or state .” This framing of the state as a commonwealth derives from language of 17th-century thinkers like Thomas Hobbes and John Locke and refers to the goal of creating a political community for the common good.

Why is Pennsylvania called a commonwealth and not a state?

When Pennsylvania , Kentucky, Virginia, and Massachusetts became part of the United States , they merely took the old form of state in their title. Each of these states was also a former British Colony. Today, Commonwealth also means a political unit having local autonomy but voluntarily united with the United States .

What is the state color of Massachusetts?


State Color 3 Name(s)
Massachusetts Blue, Green and Cranberry
Nevada none Silver and Blue
New Jersey none Buff and Blue
New Mexico none Red and Yellow

Is California a commonwealth state?

The Commonwealth of California is a self-declared sovereign state , more commonly referred to as a “micronation” by external observers.

Commonwealth of California
Official religion(s) No Official Religion
Short name California
Demonym Californian
Government Federal Presidential Republic

What is the benefit of living in a commonwealth state?

You Have Greater Freedom and Prosperity in a Commonwealth . When you live in a commonwealth , you will have greater freedom to make and keep your wealth. Believe it or not, in some countries, a person cannot obtain a lot of wealth without someone taking it from them.

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What makes Virginia a commonwealth?

“A commonwealth is ‘a state in which the supreme power is vested in the people. When Virginia adopted its first constitution in 1776, the term commonwealth was reintroduced, most likely to emphasize that Virginia’s new government was based upon the sovereignty of the people united for the common good, or common weal.

Who is in the Commonwealth of Nations?


country date of Commonwealth membership
United Kingdom 1931
Canada 1931
Australia 1931
New Zealand 1931

What does commonwealth law mean?

A commonwealth is a free state, or republic, characterized by a representative government. The states of the United States may each be considered commonwealths. Four states in the United States designate themselves commonwealths: Kentucky, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

What are the 7 Commonwealth states?

States Kentucky . Massachusetts. Pennsylvania . Virginia .

What is the Massachusetts state symbol?

State Bird or Bird Emblem The BLACK-CAPPED Chickadee (Penthestes atricapillus) was adopted as the state bird by the Massachusetts Legislature on March 21, 1941. It is also known as the titmouse, tomtit, and the dickybird, and it is one of the most familiar of the North American birds.

What is the State Food of Massachusetts?

List of U.S. state foods

State Food type Food name
Massachusetts State muffin Corn muffin
State bean Baked navy bean
State berry Cranberry
State dessert Boston cream pie

What animal represents Massachusetts?

Massachusetts has several state animals. Most notable among them are the state dog, the Boston terrier; the state cat, the tabby; the state horse, the Morgan horse; and the state marine mammal, the right whale . These symbols were recognized by the state legislature in 1979, 1988, 1970 and 1980 respectively.

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