Highest peak in massachusetts

What is the highest point in Massachusetts?

Mount Greylock

Can you drive to the top of Mt Greylock?

Can You Drive Up Mount Greylock ? Yes indeed: There is a road directly to the top of Mount Greylock that is open from May through November.

Does Massachusetts have any mountains?

Mount Greylock is the highest point in the state at 3,491 feet (1,064 m) in elevation. As such, no mountains in Massachusetts are recognized by the Appalachian Mountain Club in its list of Four-thousand footers — a list of New England peaks over 4,000 feet with a minimum 200 feet of topographic prominence.

Are there any mountains in Boston?

When you think of Boston , tall mountains packed with snow and ski lodges are far from your mind. Blue Hills , Wachusett and Nashoba Valley are local mountains that will have you back in the city before bedtime.

What is the least populated town in Massachusetts?


What is the highest and lowest point in Massachusetts?

See our state high points map to learn about Mt. Greylock at 3,491 feet – the highest point in Massachusetts. The lowest point is the Atlantic Ocean at Sea Level.

How high is Mount Greylock in Massachusetts?

1,064 m

What is the 969 highest summit in Massachusetts?

Faggot Hill

How do you get to the top of Mt Greylock?

There are 2 auto roads that will get you to the summit of Mount Greylock . The access road from the south is Rockwell Road and is the location of the Visitor Center. From the north, you can take Notch Road. Both roads provide scenic stops along the route and are only open from May through November.

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Is Massachusetts flat or hilly?

Eastern Massachusetts is mostly flat , comprised of low hills, small lakes, streams and rivers. From the Boston area, the land rises gently into wooded, rolling hills, broken central by the Connecticut River Valley. In the far west, the Appalachian Mountains stretch across the state on into Vermont and New Hampshire.

What is the highest elevation in Boston?

43 m

What’s the highest mountain near me?

Los Angeles / San Bernardino counties, California U.S. Mount San Antonio, colloquially referred to as Mount Baldy or Old Baldy, is a 10,066 ft (3,068 m) peak in the San Gabriel Mountains in Los Angeles County, California.

What famous battleship can be found in Boston?

Conveniently located in Fall River off I- 195, Battleship Cove harbors the world’s largest collection of historic naval ships, including five National Historic Land-marks: Battleship Massachusetts , Destroyer Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., Submarine Lionfish, and PT Boats 617 and 796.

How many mountains are in NH?


How tall are the Berkshires?

Elevation. The average regional elevation of the Berkshires ranges from about 700 to 1,200 feet (210 to 370 m). One of the high points is Spruce Mountain, at 2,710 feet (830 m). The highest point in the Berkshires physiographic region is Crum Hill, 2,841 feet (866 m), in the town of Monroe.

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