Frugal fannies locations in massachusetts

Does Frugal Fannies have wedding dresses?

Do people think it would be worth checking out Frugal Fannies for a casual wedding dress ? If by “casual,” you mean white, then no. I haven’t seen any white dresses appropriate for a casual wedding . But they have many many great dressy dresses .

What day is senior discount day at Frugal Fannie’s?


Who is Fannie of Frugal Fannies?

About 225 employees, or half the company’s workforce, will be laid off at Frugal’s headquarters and locally, said the company’s co-founder, Kathleen “Fannie” Doxer . Doxer opened the first store with her husband, Orrin, and a small group of people in 1983 in an industrial park outside of Boston.

Why is Frugal Fannies closed on Tuesday?

Frugal Fannie’s Fashion Warehouse The commercial said they were closed on Tuesday to restock the store so I thought I’d be smart and go on a Wednesday to a fully…”

Does Frugal Fannies have maternity clothes?

And since you won’t be pregnant for long, they may be your best option in terms of frugality for this season of your life. I’ve found that most of the stores don’t carry maternity stuff in person, but you can order online and then return to the store if needed.

Does Walmart offer senior discount?

Walmart : Walmart offers very few discounts to seniors . Some locations can offer reduced costs to seniors some days each week. Savers: Many locations offer discounts , up to 10 percent. However, it does price match the discounts that other retailers may offer for the same product in their location.

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Does Lowes give senior citizen discount?

Does Lowes give senior citizen discounts ? No, Lowe’s do not offers a special discount for senior citizens . However, there are other ways to save at Lowe’s including both standing discounts and weekly offers from Giving Assistant.

What senior discounts start at 50?

Most hotels, car rental companies, and cruise lines offer travel discounts for seniors , with many savings kicking in as early as age 50 . Especially with hotels and car rental companies, you may need an AARP membership for the best deal. Many museums, zoos, aquariums, and parks also offer senior discounts .

Who is Kathleen doxer?

Kathleen Casavant, secretary-treasurer of the Massachusetts AFL-CIO, was the new face of organized labor when we featured her on the cover. In fact, her rise to highest-ranking-woman status in Massachusetts represented the union’s purposeful push for revitalization and a new definition.

Is Kathleen married?

Kathleen Doxer , one of the principals in Frugal Fannie’s with her husband , Orrin, is also the primary talent in all their commercials.

How old is Fannie Doxer of Frugal Fannie’s?

“I never even saw the finished store,” said Doxer , 53, better known as “ Frugal Fannie .” “That was a direct result of Sept. 11.

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