Dave and busters in massachusetts

Is Dave and Busters 21 and over?

Must be 18 or over to enter the premises. Persons under the age of 18 or 21 (varies by location) may only enter the premises with a guardian who is at least 25 years of age. Each guardian may bring no more than 6 underage persons into the premises.

How much is an unlimited game card at Dave and Busters?

Dave & Buster’s Unlimited Wings AND Unlimited Video Game Play Only $19.99.

Where is the largest Dave and Busters located?

8986 International Drive

How many locations does Dave and Busters have?


How much do games cost at Dave and Busters?

The median game price is 6.8 credits and credits cost 48 for $10, 100 for $20, so about $1.36. Tip: Wednesdays are half price.

Can you wear ripped jeans to Dave and Busters?

Appropriate, clean attire required at all Dave & Buster’s locations. Those wearing torn or soiled clothing will be admitted at the discretion of management. We do not allow clothing which exposes underwear or excessive portions of the skin, which may be viewed as inappropriate in a family environment.

How many chips do you get for $20 at Dave and Busters?

Each Power Card will come with 193 chips ( chips never expire) and unlimited video games on the day the card is activated. If you were to visit Dave & Buster’s and buy a $20 Power Card, you would only get 100 chips and not the unlimited video games.

How much does Dave and Buster’s cost per person?

If you stick to a select menu, there’s an Eat/Play combo where you can get a meal and $10 worth of “play” for like $18 each . Adding in drinks, tips, and parking: $75 – $150?

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How can I save money at Dave and Busters?

14 Tips for Finding Dave and Buster’s Deals Near You Look for Dave and Busters Coupons. Check LivingSocial.com. Sign Up for the D&B Email. Register Your Power Card. Get the Dave and Buster’s App. Supercharge It. Claim Your Discount as a First Responder or Member of the Military. Go on a Wednesday for Half Price Games.

How much do Dave and Busters employees make?

Dave & Buster’s Restaurants pays its employees an average of $13.30 an hour. Hourly pay at Dave & Buster’s Restaurants ranges from an average of $9.03 to $18.77 an hour.

Who is Dave and Buster’s owned by?

Wellspring Capital Management

Is Dave and Busters closing?

Dave & Buster’s has not announced plans to close any further locations. Dave & Buster’s executives, in letters to state employment officials, said they did not foresee “how significantly and for how long” the pandemic would impact its business.

How much are cards at Dave and Busters?

Prices are per card . Power Cards are rechargeable. $3 activation fee for NEW Power Cards includes 15 chips. Protect Your Power Card ® or Power Tap® and Get FREE REWARDS DAVE & BUSTER’S REWARDS PLUS, YOU’ll RECEIVE EXCLUSIVE EMAIL OFFERS!

Where is the original Dave and Busters?

Dallas, Texas, United States

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