Covered bridges in massachusetts

How many covered bridges are in Massachusetts?

More than 100 covered bridges have been built in Massachusetts since Timothy Palmer’s 1792 open timber truss bridge at Amesbury was roofed in 1810. In the 20th century, Massachusetts experienced a modest revival of timber covered bridge construction.

Why were bridges covered in New England?

By the 1870s, most bridges were covered at the time of construction. The original reason for the cover was to protect the bridge’s trusses and decks from snow and rain, preventing decay and rot.

Which state has most covered bridges?


How many covered bridges are in New England?

100 covered bridges

What is the oldest covered bridge in America?

Hyde Hall Bridge

How many covered bridges are in Maine?

nine covered bridges

What’s the point of a covered bridge?

The fundamental structural purpose for covering a bridge is to shield the trusses and deck from the elements. Because wooden bridges with exposed superstructures are vulnerable to rot, covering and roofing the bridges protects the trusses from the weather, and so they last longer.

Why are covered bridges a big deal?

One theory of why the bridges were covered was so the horses or other livestock that crossed the bridges were not spooked by the rushing water. Another school of thought is the bridges were built to resemble barns so horses were less afraid to travel through them.

Why are covered bridges called kissing bridges?

Covered bridges are often called ‘ kissing ‘ or ‘wishing’ bridges . This stems from the commonly-held superstition that to go quickly through a covered bridge would create a standing wave that would cause the bridge to collapse. Therefore, a law was passed to ensure all horses slowed their gait when crossing the bridge .

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Which city in the US has the most bridges?

city of Pittsburgh

What is the longest bridge over water in the United States?

Lake Pontchartrain Causeway

Where is the longest covered bridge in the world?

Hartland Bridge, from the Somerville side looking back toward Hartland. The Hartland Covered Bridge in Hartland, New Brunswick, is the world’s longest covered bridge, at 1,282 feet (391 m) long. It crosses the Saint John River from Hartland to Somerville, New Brunswick, Canada.

How many states have covered bridges?

Diminishing numbers At one time, the United States had as many as 12,000 covered bridges, according to the book “Covered Bridges Today.” Estimates on the current number range from roughly 850 to about 1,000. Pennsylvania, with 219 covered bridges, about 150 of which still are in use, has the most.

How many covered bridges are in Connecticut?

If you love old bridges , Connecticut has you covered — three times, in fact. Drive across historic, covered Bulls Bridge and Cornwall Bridge , and stroll across the covered pedestrian bridge at Kent Falls State Park.

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