Brighton massachusetts zip code

What is Brighton ZIP code?

80601 80603 80640

Is Brighton MA A city or town?

In October 1873, the Town of Brighton in Middlesex County voted to annex itself to the City of Boston in Suffolk County, and in January 1874 Brighton officially became a neighborhood of the City of Boston. Allston– Brighton’s population grew rapidly in the next 50 years, rising from 6,000 in 1875 to 47,000 by 1925.

How far is Brighton MA from Boston MA?

5.38 miles

What zip code is 02135?

Бостон Брайтон Уотертаун

What is Loveland ZIP code?

80528 80537 80538 80539

What is Westminster zip code?

92655 92683 92684 92685 92844

Is Brighton Boston Safe?

Brighton and Cleveland Circle are safe and well served by MBTA trolley. Lots of students in the area so it can be noisy and messy.

What county is Brighton in MA?

Suffolk County

Is Allston considered Boston?

Allston is an officially recognized neighborhood within the City of Boston , Massachusetts, United States. It was named after the American painter and poet Washington Allston . It comprises the land covered by the zip code 02134.

Is Brighton MA a good place to live?

Brighton is in Suffolk County and is one of the best places to live in Massachusetts. In Brighton there are a lot of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. Many young professionals live in Brighton and residents tend to be liberal. The public schools in Brighton are above average.

What is Brookline MA ZIP code?

02445 02446 02447 02467

What is the zip code for Watertown MA?

02135 02471 02472

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