Board of registration in medicine massachusetts

How do I verify a Massachusetts medical license?

Online Visit the Massachusetts Health Professions License Verification site. Select the profession. Search by license number or last name for the best search results. Spell the name of the health professional or entity correctly as it appears on their license .

What is borim?

Board of Registration in Medicine ( BORIM )

How do I get a Massachusetts medical license?

The seven standard requirements that every individual physician must comply with are the following: Be 18 years of age or older. Possess good moral character. Have pre- medical education. Have medical school education. Sign and swear to contents of licensing application. Pay a registration fee.

What is the purpose of the medical board?

State medical boards are the agencies that license medical doctors, investigate complaints, discipline physicians who violate the medical practice act, and refer physicians for evaluation and rehabilitation when appropriate.

How long does it take to get Massachusetts medical license?

approximately 16 weeks

Is Massachusetts a compact state?

Massachusetts is not a member of the nurse compact . A nurse must have a Massachusetts license to practice within the state ; the Board notes that this includes providing electronic services to Massachusetts patients. Nurses licensed in other states may apply for a Massachusetts license by endorsement.

How do I renew my Massachusetts medical license?

To renew a medical license , physicians must certify compliance with state CME requirements. Licensees are required by law to renew their licenses biennially, on or before their birthdays. The Board will automatically forward a renewal application to each physician sixty days prior to his or her birthday.

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How do I report a doctor in Massachusetts?

If you are not able to provide a written complaint, you may call our 24 hour consumer complaint line at (800) 462-5540 or (617) 753-8150. Guidelines and info For physicians . For nurses. For other clinical staff, like Physician Assistants. For billing related complaints. For general hospital complaints: The Joint Commission.

Who is in charge of doctors?

A chief physician generally is in charge of medical matters and often is the superior of other physicians (including consultants and attending physicians ), but may also be in charge of other professional groups and areas of responsibility.

Who regulates doctors in USA?

Overall, state medical boards regulate the activities of nearly one million licensed physicians in the United States .

How physicians are licensed and regulated?

In order to practice medicine in a state, a physician must be licensed in that state. State practice laws set standards for entry and regulate conduct. The primary mechanisms for assuring the competence of those who enter the profession are testing and requirements for minimum levels of education and training.

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