Bee gees massachusetts lyrics

Why did the Bee Gees write a song about Massachusetts?

During a chance meeting in London between the Seekers’ lead singer Judith Durham and Maurice Gibb, Durham learned that ” Massachusetts ” was originally intended for her group and in 2003 the Seekers recorded the song as a tribute to Maurice following his death earlier that year.

Who sang the song Massachusetts?

Bee Gees

What song did the Bee Gees wrote for Elvis?

Words (Bee Gees song)

” Words “
Released January 1968
Recorded 3 October 1967
Length 3:13
Label Polydor (United Kingdom) Atco (United States)

What year Bee Gees Massachusetts?

1968 г.

Which Bee Gee is still alive?

Robin died in May 2012, aged 62, after a prolonged struggle with cancer and other health problems, leaving Barry as the only surviving member of the group.

Why did Barry Gibb sing falsetto?

Their singing style began to incorporate falsetto singing as a playful accompaniment to Robin Gibb’s deeper, more quavery lead vocals, or falsetto harmonies to cap off melodies that spiraled ever upwards.

Who played drums on Bee Gees Massachusetts?

Colin Petersen

Who wrote Massachusetts by the Bee Gees?

Robin Gibb Barry Gibb Maurice Gibb

How did the Gibbs Die?

Maurice Gibb , talented but tormented Bee Gee, dies . Updated January 13, 2020. Robin Gibb , member of the Bee Gees , dies after battle with cancer. Updated December 11, 2012.

Who was the most talented Bee Gee?

The Year of Ambitious TV Watching But the group had two distinct eras, each dominated by a different brother. The Bee Gees we know best is the second, with Barry taking the lead more often than not, in every way. He had a big, outgoing personality, and that seemed to suit Robin and Maurice fine.

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Which Bee Gee killed himself?

Robin Gibb

What country are the Bee Gees from?

Redcliffe, Australia

How many Bee Gees are there?

Sadly, Maurice Gibb died at the age of 53 in 2003 due to complications of a twisted intestine. Robin Gibb died aged 62 in 2012 after being diagnosed with cancer. Barry Gibb is still performing, and was awarded a knighthood in 2017.

Did the Bee Gees ever live in Australia?

They were born on the Isle of Man to English parents, and lived in Chorlton, Manchester until the late 1950s. The family moved to Redcliffe, in Queensland, Australia . After achieving their first chart success in Australia , they returned to the UK in 1967.

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