Where is hancock massachusetts

How far is Boston from Hancock Massachusetts?

153 miles

What county is Hancock Ma?

Беркшир Каунти

Where is Hancock Shaker?

Hancock Shaker Village is a former Shaker commune in Hancock and Pittsfield, Massachusetts. It emerged in the towns of Hancock , Pittsfield, and Richmond in the 1780s, organized in 1790, and was active until 1960.

Are the Berkshires in New York or Massachusetts?

Location: The Berkshires are located in Berkshire County, Massachusetts , and are bordered by Vermont to the north, New York to the west, and Connecticut to the south. Population: 129,585 (as of 2013)

What is there to do in the Berkshires this weekend?

Best Things To Do in The Berkshires #1. Tanglewood. #1 in The Berkshires . #2. Jacob’s Pillow. #2 in The Berkshires . #3. Monument Mountain. free. #4. Mount Greylock. #4 in The Berkshires . #5. Clark Art Institute. #5 in The Berkshires . #6. The Mount. #6 in The Berkshires . #7. Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary. #7 in The Berkshires . #8. Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort.

What is Shaker Village?

Shaker Village is home to a remarkable story. Named a top hidden travel destination by BBC News, Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill is a landmark destination that shares 3,000 acres of discovery in the spirit of the Kentucky Shakers .

How far is the Berkshires from NYC?

147 miles

Is it expensive to live in the Berkshires?

The Cost of Living Is Affordable A recent study showed that Berkshire County has the lowest tax burden of any county in Massachusetts.

How far is the Berkshires from Boston?

103 miles

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