Thomas amusement park massachusetts

Where is Thomas and Friends theme park?

WEST MIFFLIN, PA– Thomas the Tank Engine™, along with his friends and favorite destinations from the Island of Sodor, will come to life this year with the opening of Thomas Town™ within Kennywood Park , one of the world’s most renowned family amusement parks .

Where is the Thomas the Train theme park?

Thomas Land theme park covers 11.5 acres within Edaville Family Theme Park , bringing the Island of Sodor to life in a lush New England landscape.

Is Edaville Railroad Open?

Carver, Massachusetts, U.S. Edaville Railroad (also branded Edaville USA and Edaville Family Theme Park) is a heritage railroad and amusement park in South Carver, Massachusetts, opened in 1947 and continuing to operate as of 2019.

How far is Carver MA from Boston?

approximately 45 miles

What age is Thomas Land for?

What Age is Thomas Land for? I think it’s best suited for 1.5 year olds to 6 year olds. The rides are pretty mellow and are over quite quickly so it’s ideal for little ones who are getting used to fairground rides.

Is there a real Thomas the Train?

Please note! Thomas himself is based from a real steam locomotive design, the E2 Class, an 0-6-0T (“T” referred to tank) wheel arrangement conceived by Lawson Billinton of the early 20th century.

Is Percy a boy or girl train?

Percy lives on the Island of Sodor with many other locomotives, including Thomas the Tank Engine, Gordon the Big Engine and Henry the Green Engine.

Percy the Small Engine
Gender Male
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Do Drayton Manor tickets include Thomas Land?

Tickets include access to Drayton Manor Theme Park, Thomas Land and Zoo, there is no separate charge for any rides.

How much is a Drayton Manor ticket?

Tickets are priced at just £20 for 12 – 59 year olds and £16 for 4-11 year olds and those aged 60 plus. Meanwhile, under 2’s continue to receive free entry and tickets for those aged 2 – 3 cost just £6. There are no car parking charges and no added booking fee.

How much does it cost to get into Edaville Railroad?


Ages under 2 FREE
Gate Entry Admission ages 4-59 $37.00
Gate Entry Admission ages 2,3 & Seniors $35.00
Online Date Specific ages 4-59 $35.00
Online Date Specific ages 2,3 & Seniors $30.00

Who owns Edaville Railroad?

Jon Delli Priscoli

What county is Carver MA?

Plymouth County

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