Pocket knife laws massachusetts

What is the legal length of a pocket knife in Massachusetts?

The law here states no length or size . Even if you have a double-edged survival knife (where one side is a straight blade and the other side is a serrated blade ), it would still be illegal.

Are pocket knives legal in Massachusetts?

A Massachusetts resident can own, and carry on their private property or in their home (if renting), any sort of bladed implement, from pocket knives and switchblades to Bowie knives , swords, sword canes, throwing stars (known as “shuriken” in Massachusetts law ), machetes, daggers, disguised knives , and so forth.

Can you carry a pocket knife in Boston?

Boston , MA: It is illegal to carry on your person or in a vehicle any knife with a blade longer than 2.5-inches unless it is to be used on a job “which customarily involves the carrying or use of any type of knife .” A special city license is required by most knife retailers (only department and hardware stores exempted

Is it illegal to carry around a pocket knife?

The law directs that it is illegal to carry dangerous weapons openly or concealed with intent to commit a crime. Still, it does not generally prohibit the ownership and carrying of knives . However, a switchblade knife with a blade longer than three inches is illegal .

Why are Glocks illegal in MA?

Glock does not sell pistols directly to Massachusetts consumers because the guns do not conform with Massachusetts ‘ safety requirements. But the company does sell to law enforcement and to wholesalers.

Is a knife clipped in your pocket concealed?

What does concealed carry mean? A knife is considered concealed if it is not readily identifiable as a knife or if you attempt to obscure the fact that you’re carrying a knife . For example, a knife in your pocket is concealed . A knife stored in a sheath on your belt is not, according to State v.

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Are brass knuckles legal in Massachusetts?

According to Massachusetts General Law, brass knuckles are considered a dangerous weapon that are illegal to carry.

What self defense weapons are legal in Massachusetts?

It’s now legal in Massachusetts to buy, use, or carry a Taser or other type of stun gun , but you’ll need a firearms license.

Can you carry a knife in your car in Massachusetts?

It states that one may not “ carry on his person” – including in a vehicle – any: stiletto, dagger, ballistic knife , dirk knife , automatic knife having a blade longer than one and a half (1 ½) inches, knife with a double-edged blade , or device which enables a knife with a locking blade to be drawn at a locked position.

What state has the strictest knife laws?


Can you carry pepper spray in Massachusetts?

Pepper spray IS LEGAL to use, carry or purchase within the state. Human formula pepper spray , although allowed, cannot be legally shipped to a MA state address (many surrounding states do allow shipment though). If over 18 years old, pepper spray does not require a FID card.

What is the largest size knife you can carry?

Knife blades cannot be longer than 5.5 inches. Certain types of knives, such as switchblades , spring-loaded knives, swords, spears, and daggers are also outlawed.

Can you carry a knife for self defense?

In most states – including New South Wales , Victoria, Northern Territory, and South Australia – it is illegal to carry a weapon, even for self – defense . This includes knives , which states consider dangerous articles or prohibited weapons. If they find a weapon, they can take it from you ”.

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Why should you carry a pocket knife?

Everyday Tasks for a Pocket Knife It could be for opening the mail, cutting loose threads off my shirt, opening packages for my kids, or even cutting a weed out of the garden. A pocket knife is an essential cutting edge that I use for everything.

Is a pocket clip open carry?

Many officers will simply ignore pocket clips , but it only takes that one for you to get arrested. Your safest bet is to always assume a knife clipped to your pocket is open carry . If your knife adheres to the law, don’t worry about, but if there’s any doubt, slip it in your pocket .

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