Mt. Tom massachusetts

How long does it take to climb Mount Tom?

About 30 minutes

Is Mount Tom State Park open?

May 2020: The Mount Tom State Park tower is closed for repairs until further notice. Go swimming and have a picnic at Mount Tom , then hike the trail to the stone lookout tower for some memorable views. This property was acquired and/or developed with the assistance of the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

Why did Mt Tom ski area close?

Following the 1997-98 ski season, the ownership decided to close Mt . Tom ski area and focus on operating their adjacent quarry.

Is Mt Tom a volcano?

Mt . Tom is an extinct volcano range which, millions of years ago, was 15,000 feet high. Due to erosion the peaks now reach an elevation of 800 to 1000 feet. Due to its location as a north-south range it is an important fall and spring bird migration route for hawks, falcons, vultures and eagles.

How high is Mount Tom?

366 m

When did mountain park close?


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