Massachusetts state lottery megabucks

How do you play Megabucks in Massachusetts?

Select your numbers. Select six numbers between 1-49. You can select the numbers manually or choose Quic Pic for the Lottery computer to randomly select your numbers. Select number of drawings. To play the same numbers for multiple drawings, mark the number of drawings you want. This applies to all plays . Get Your Ticket.

Is megabucks only in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts Megabucks is one of the oldest games introduced by the Massachusetts State Lottery that is still offered today.

How much is a Megabucks ticket in Massachusetts?

Megabucks Doubler Drawings take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and all you have to do is purchase a ticket for $1 per play and select six numbers from 1 to 49. Match all six numbers drawn and you’ll win the jackpot prize!

Where was the Megabucks winning ticket sold?

$3.2M Megabucks ticket sold at Maine convenience store Winners have one year from the drawing date to claim their prize. WISCASSET, Maine — The Maine Lottery announced Thursday that a winning Megabucks ticket worth $3.2 million was sold at the Wiscasset Quick Stop in Wiscasset for the drawing held October 28.

What Ma Lottery has the best odds?

Supreme Millions

What scratch tickets win the most in mass?

Top 10 MASS Lottery Scratch Offs

Rank Game Name Overall Odds
1 Diamond Millions 1 in 2.77
2 Fastest Road to $1 Millions 1 in 2.77
3 200X 1 in 2.78
4 Ultimate Millions 1 in 2.79

What is the payout for megabucks?

Tri-State Megabucks® is a $2 game that starts the jackpot at $1 million and has a second-tier prize of $30,000 . It offers the BEST overall odds of any of our games at 1 in 5.9! This game is available locally in New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont, which means all of the winners are local.

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Is Mass Lottery cash only?

Although debit cards can now be used to buy lottery tickets, agents will not be allowed to accept credit cards or welfare cards to play lottery games. The Massachusetts state treasurer says consumers will soon be allowed to by state lottery tickets using debit cards.

How many scratch tickets are in a book in Massachusetts?

$1, $2 and $5 tickets in Massachusetts come in ” books ” of 300.

How much tax do you pay on a $1000 lottery ticket in Massachusetts?

State taxes vary from place-to-place. The highest are in New York, where lottery winners are taxed an additional 8.82 percent. Others, such as New Hampshire and Florida, do not tax lottery winnings. The Massachusetts tax on lottery winnings is 5 percent, the lowest rate of New England states that withhold.

Can you buy scratch tickets with a debit card in Massachusetts?

STATE HOUSE, BOSTON, FEB. 20, 2020 (State House News Service) — Allowing people to buy scratch tickets and draw game numbers with debit cards or other cashless options is the first of a series of “baby steps” in modernizing the Massachusetts Lottery , with full online access still the ultimate goal.

Can you buy Ma lottery tickets online?

You may also register your NEW season ticket online . The direct link to our online registration tool can be found on the registration form you received with your season ticket . Mass Cash is a $1 wager and is drawn seven times a week. Tickets can be purchased in 3-month , 6-month , and 1-year increments.

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Did anyone win the Oregon Megabucks?

– Robert (Bob) McCauley of Mt. Vernon is the Oregon Lottery’s newest Megabucks jackpot winner . McCauley matched all six of his numbers – on a free Megabucks ticket he’d won from a previous drawing – and won the $6.3 million jackpot for the Monday, Mar. 23 Megabucks drawing.

Has anyone won the lottery in Oregon?

Seaquist and his wife Shirley were the top winners of the 2019 Oregon Lottery Raffle, winning the $1 million prize after purchasing four tickets. After taxes, the couple took home $680,000. There were 1,801 winning tickets, with one $1 million prize; 300 prizes of $500; and 1,500 prizes of $100.

Where was the winning Megabucks ticket sold in Wisconsin?

The Wisconsin Lottery announced that a Megabucks ticket worth $1.9 million was purchased at the gas station/convenience store on Gillingham Road. The last Megabucks jackpot was won on April 25, 2020, for $10.7 million. The odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 6,991,908.

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