Massachusetts state license plates

How do I get a Massachusetts license plate?

Visit an RMV Service Center to order your plate . You will need a completed Registration and Title Application that has been signed and stamped by your insurance agent/company. Most service centers accept cash, check, or money order.

Are you required to have a front license plate in Massachusetts?

* Massachusetts requires at least one license plate , and it can be on the front or the rear of the vehicle , leaving it up to the driver. Massachusetts requires two plates unless you have a special exemption (usually the old style green plates ).

What color is Massachusetts license plate?

Blue and cranberry Massachusetts license plate; photo by Norm Russo (used by permission).

What does RT mean on a Massachusetts license plate?

2. The current 12 specialty plates are: RT — RIGHT whale — Mass . Environmental Trust.

Can I drive a car without plates if I just bought it in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts law allows a vehicle owner to remove the current registration plates form a registered vehicle the owner has sold, transferred or otherwise lost possession of, and attach the plates to a newly acquired vehicle .

How much does a Massachusetts license plate cost?

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DMV or State Fees
Car sales tax & use tax 6.25%
Vehicle Registration Fee $60
License Renewal Sticker – Registration Renewal $60 – regular plates renewal for two years $100 – reserve plates – keep plate number for two years $80 vanity plates – renewal for one year

Can you get pulled over for no front license plate in Washington?

Trooper Heather Axtman said troopers “often” pull drivers over for missing front license plates . If a ticket is issued, it’s a $136 fine. A Washington State Patrol Q-and-A notes that even non-tinted license plate covers can alter the reflectivity of a plate .

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Are license plate covers illegal in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts has a law in place that requires vehicle license plate numbers to be legible and unobscured by a glass or plastic cover or other device. A violation is $35 for the first offense, $75 for second offense and $150 for third offense.

Why do some states have front license plates?

Every state in the US requires drivers to have at least one license plate displayed on the rear of their vehicle(s). Simply put, having a license plate on the front of a vehicle can help with crime solving.

What does LV mean on a license plate?

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What are Massachusetts State colors?


State Color 3 Name(s)
Maryland Red, White, Black, and Gold
Massachusetts Blue, Green and Cranberry
Nevada none Silver and Blue
New Jersey none Buff and Blue

Who makes license plates in Massachusetts?

Vehicle registration plates of Massachusetts

Current series
Issued by Massachusetts Department of Transportation, Registry of Motor Vehicles
First issued September 1, 1903
v t e

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