Massachusetts general laws handicap parking

Is handicapped parking free in Massachusetts?

Disability plates and placards allow people with disabilities to park vehicles in designated handicap parking spaces. They also allow people with disabilities to park at meters without paying fees or penalties.

What is the fine for parking in a handicap spot in Massachusetts?

Parking ticket fines and codes

Violation Fine Amount Late Penalty
Fenway Event Parking $100 $33
Handicap Ramp $100 $33
Hydrant $100 $33
HP-DV Parking Only $120 $40

How many handicapped parking spaces are required in Massachusetts?

One in six handicapped spaces (minimum one) should be a “van accessible” space , 8 feet wide with an access aisle 8 feet wide allowing a van to operate a lift. Or all spaces may be “universal” spaces 11 feet wide with a 5 foot access aisle.

How do I get a temporary handicap parking permit in Massachusetts?

You can get an application by going to your local Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) Branch or visiting The first page of the application is for you to fill out and sign with your information. Your health care provider then does the same on the second page.

Can I use my Massachusetts handicap placard in other states?

Placards Issued in Massachusetts Travelers with a disability placard issued in Massachusetts may use their parking placard in most other US states .

Can cops park in handicap spots?

He says generally no, police officers can ‘t park in a handicap spot , but it can be allowed if officers are responding to a crime.

Can you get a ticket for an expired inspection sticker on a parked car in Massachusetts?

You can get this ticket anywhere. Literally, if your car is in public( parked or moving) and your sticker is expired . This is not a Somerville being mean thing.

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What does over meter limit mean?

You can’t keep feeding a meter all day long. If it’s a two-hour meter , you can stay up to two hours. Stay longer and you could get hit with a $25 ticket for staying “ over the meter limit ” — even if you have paid for another two hours.

What is HP DV parking?

G3 HP / DV Parking Only $120.00 Reason for Regulation: Parking spaces reserved for Disabled Veterans or Persons with Disabilities provide convenient access to commercial and residential properties. Unauthorized persons or vehicles parking in these reserved spaces deny access to those entitled to use the spaces.

How long does it take to get a handicap placard in MA?

Disability plates and placards are issued to qualified Massachusetts residents who meet the eligibility requirements. Please allow at least 30 business days for processing. Processing time varies based upon application volume.

How long is a permanent handicap placard good for?

two years

How do I replace a handicap placard in Massachusetts?

If your disability parking placard is lost , stolen, or damaged, you can get a replacement by: Request a replacement online. Submitting a written request to the MA RMV, if you have an image on file. Contacting the RMV at (857) 368-8020 for more information, if you DO NOT have an image on file.

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