Logan airport in boston massachusetts

Is Logan the only airport in Boston?

BOS is the northeastern hub for Cape Air and is the secondary Transatlantic hub for Delta Air Lines, serving several destinations in Europe. It is also an operating base for JetBlue. Logan International Airport .

General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport
Owner Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport)
Serves Greater Boston

What airlines fly out of Boston Logan?

Airlines flying from Boston JetBlue (B6)68 destinations. Delta (DL)45 destinations. American Airlines (AA)24 destinations. Spirit Airlines (NK)16 destinations. United Airlines (UA)11 destinations. Cape Air (9K)11 destinations. Southwest Airlines (WN)8 destinations. Frontier Airlines (F9)7 destinations.

Does Boston Logan Airport have showers?

Showers are available in the The Club Lounge and the American Airlines Admirals Club. See the Airport Lounges section for more information.

How do I get from Boston to Logan Airport?

From the Airport : Take the Silver Line SL1 ( Logan Airport – South Station via Waterfront) to South Station and transfer to the Red Line or take the free Massport shuttle bus from any terminal to the Blue Line at Airport Station to State Street Station and transfer to Orange Line to North Station Commuter Rail.

Which airline has the most flights out of Boston?


Can you walk from Terminal A to E at Logan Airport?

You will have to take an inter- terminal bus to get to E , recheck in at the desk, then go through International Security and finally walk to your gate . The TAA recommends 3 hours for that.

What terminal is international at Logan Airport?

Terminal E

Why is there no D terminal at Logan Airport?

* What about Terminal D ? In 2006, the airport was reconfigured and D’s gates were incorporated into both the C and E terminals . There was talk at the time of numbering the terminals , but the current system (letters for terminals , numbers for gates) was deemed easier to navigate.

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What airlines use Terminal C at Logan?

Here is a list of terminals at Logan Airport along with the airlines that arrive and depart from each. Terminal A. -Delta* -Southwest. Terminal B. – Air Canada . -American Airlines* -American Airlines Shuttle. -PenAir. Terminal C. – Alaska Airlines . -Cape Air. -Emirates. Terminal E. All International Travel. – Air Lingus . -Aeromexico.

Can you sit in an airport overnight?

Can I sleep in the airport overnight ? In many airports , the answer is yes. However, there are airports that close at night and other airports that simply do not permit/like airport sleepers and are openly hostile. We suggest you visit the airport guide for the airport you are inquiring about.

Where can I sleep at Boston Logan Airport?

If you would like a good solid sleep between flights without straying far from the airport , the Hilton Boston Logan Airport Hotel is located on airport property. You can access the hotel by climate-controlled sky bridge from Terminals A and E or calling the hotel for free shuttle pick-up.

What can you do during a layover in Boston?

Things to Do on a Layover in Boston First, stash your bags. Explore the North End. Check out the Faneuil Hall Marketplace. Visit the aquarium. Walk the Freedom Trail. Walk along the Esplanade. Tour the Sam Adams Brewery. Go shopping on Newbury Street.

How much is a taxi from Logan Airport to Boston?

Logan airport taxi flat rate

City/Town Flat Rate to Logan Airport
Burlington, MA $60.00
Woburn, MA $55.00
Malden, MA $45.00
Medford, MA $40.00

How much does Logan Express cost?


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Route One way fare Round trip fare
Back Bay $3 (free from airport) $3
Braintree, Framingham, Peabody, Woburn $12 $22

How much is a taxi from Logan Airport to downtown Boston?

To go to Downtown Boston fare may vary between $ 20.00 – $ 45.00 (depending of the hour and the day) and do not include gratuity or tolls. All taxi vehicles at Boston Airport are metered.

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