Liquor stores open new year’s day massachusetts

Can you buy alcohol on New Year’s Day in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts law bans the sale of alcoholic beverages before 10 a.m. on Sundays, and New Year’s Eve is a Sunday, but stores should have normal or close to normal Sunday hours. Liquor stores are open on New Year’s Day in Massachusetts according to state law, but check with specific stores.

Are liquor stores open on New Year’s Day in Indiana?

Types of Sales Banned Retail sales of wine and liquor are prohibited on Christmas, New Year’s Day , Thanksgiving, and Sundays.

What holidays are liquor stores closed in Massachusetts?

(1) Liquor Stores must be closed for Thanksgiving and Christmas Days. (1A) Liquor stores may not open prior to 12:00 noon Memorial Day . (2) Many companies operate all day on these holidays, pending obtaining a local permit. (3) All holidays falling on Sunday must be observed on Monday , under state law.

Can you buy alcohol on New Year’s Day in New Mexico?

Except when New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day is on a Sunday, when you can ‘t buy liquor or wine from government-run stores. Except for liquor at government-run stores on New Year’s Day .

What’s Open in Ma On New Years Day?

Liquor stores : Open at owners’ discretion. Supermarkets: Open at owners’ discretion. Convenience stores : Open at owners’ discretion. Taverns, bars: Open at owners’ discretion. Banks: Closed. Stock market: Closed. Municipal, state, federal offices: Closed. Libraries: Closed. Schools: Closed.

Can passengers drink alcohol in a car in Massachusetts?

(b) Whoever, upon any way or in any place to which the public has a right of access, or upon any way or in any place to which members of the public have access as invitees or licensees, possesses an open container of alcoholic beverage in the passenger area of any motor vehicle shall be punished by a fine of not less

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Do liquor stores close early on New Year’s Eve?

Privately-owned liquor stores tend to be open on public holidays, but it’s not guaranteed, while state-owned stores are closed on New Year’s Day. Last year , private liquor stores were open until 9 p.m. Eastern on New Year’s Eve . California – No statewide holiday restrictions.

Are liquor stores open on New Years Eve?

Venues can trade until 2am for New Year’s Eve despite earlier closing times that may normally apply under liquor licences and development consents or approvals. Take-away liquor sales and home delivery times remain unchanged for New Year’s Eve and will continue to cease across NSW by 11pm.

Is liquor sold on New Year’s Eve?

On New Year’s Eve , there are no specific restrictions on liquor sales so stores will operate with regular business hours. The sale of alcohol is not state controlled and all beverages can be sold in grocery stores.

What time do liquor stores open in Massachusetts?

Grocery and convenience stores can sell beer and wine from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Restaurants and bars can serve from 8 a.m. to 2 a.m. Monday through Saturday. No alcohol sales begin before noon on Sunday. It’s illegal to sell alcohol on any election day while polls are open.

What time can I buy alcohol in Massachusetts on Sunday?

Starting Sunday , Massachusetts ‘ so-called “blue laws” will now allow liquor stores in the state to open at 10 a.m. — instead of noon — on Sundays to sell alcohol without needing to get any special permission from local authorities.

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What paid holidays are mandatory in Massachusetts?

4, 6 and/or 14. Generally, most types of non-retail businesses may operate on the following legal holidays , without a permit or restrictions: New Year’s Day. Martin Luther King Day. President’s Day. Evacuation Day. Patriots’ Day. Bunker Hill Day. Juneteenth Independence Day. Columbus Day after 12:00 noon.

Do grocery stores sell liquor in New Mexico?

Consumers in the state can still buy alcohol from essential businesses that carry these products, such as grocery stores , convenience stores , distilleries and breweries. “The only way for us to stop the spread of this virus is for New Mexicans to stop interacting with each other,” says Gov.

Can you buy liquor in New Mexico on Sunday?

SANTA FE (AP) — New Mexicans will soon be able to buy beer, wine and cocktails earlier on Sunday at restaurants and bars. However, the change only applies to bars and restaurants. Noon remains the Sunday starting time for buying liquor at supermarkets, convenience stores and other locations for off-premise consumption.

What time can I buy alcohol in New Mexico?

A. On Tuesdays through Saturdays from after midnight of the previous day until 2:00 a.m. Then from 7:00 a.m. until midnight. On Sundays they may sell only after midnight of the previous day until 2:00 a.m. Businesses licensed to sell alcohol for consumption off their premises have different hours.

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