Free tree removal massachusetts

Does anyone remove trees for free?

Contact a reputable logging company about cutting and removing your trees . Many small companies will do this for no charge, provided there are enough trees – usually 20 or more — to make it worth their while. In some cases, the logging company may not only remove your trees but will also pay you.

How much does it cost to remove a tree in Massachusetts?

The price for tree removal vary in Boston depending on the type of tree and complexity of the job. The average cost for these tree services is $832 . The price can vary between $699 and $965 depending on the type of tree and complexity of the job.

How much does it cost to remove a 25 foot tree?

This will largely depend on the size of the tree: Up to 25 Feet Tall – Between $150 and $500 . 25 Feet Tall to 75 Feet Tall – Between $200 and $1,000 . 75 Feet Tall or Higher – At least $1,500.

How much does it cost to cut down a 50 foot tree?

Tree Removal Prices

Height (in feet) Removal Estimate
30 $240 – $450
40 $420 – $700
50 $500 – $1,000
60-80 $800 – $1,500

How much does it cost to cut down a 100 ft tree?

Tree Removal Cost by Tree Size

Tree size Average height Removal cost
Small tree Up to 30 feet $150-$400
Medium tree 30-60 feet $450 -$700
Large tree 60-100 feet $900-$1,200
Very large tree 100 feet + $1,300-$2,000

Why is tree removal so expensive?

I’m here to tell you a little bit why tree work is so expensive . The reason being is that arborists do not just trim trees , they also remove limbs and dead trees that can be overhanging houses and other valuable items. One wrong cut and you might just send 5k pounds of wood into someones living room.

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How do you price tree work?

The average cost to remove a tree is $700. For small trees up to 30 feet high you can expect to pay $250, for trees between 30 and 60 feet prices range from $300 to $700, and to cut down large trees over 60 feet costs between $700 and $1,800. Get free estimates from tree removal services near you.

Is it cheaper to trim a tree or cut it down?

Removing a small tree , of course, costs less than bringing down an 80-foot oak. And if a tree has almost nothing around it or near it, that makes it much easier to remove, and therefore much less expensive to remove.

Is tree removal covered by homeowners insurance?

Homeowners insurance typically covers tree removal if the tree falls onto a covered structure — like your home or fence — and if the cause was a windstorm or weight of snow or ice. covered by your policy, including fire, windstorms, and malicious acts like theft and vandalism.

What is a reasonable price for tree trimming?

As for a reasonable price for tree trimming , costs can be anywhere between $225 to $750 depending on the height of the tree . A tree over 80 feet tall can cost four times as much as a tree with a height up to 30 feet. The complexity of the tree’s situation can also increase costs .

How much do tree trimmers charge per hour?

Certain services may add to your total tree trimming cost. For example, you will pay around $250 per hour for emergency tree pruning and trimming services. To have broken or dead limbs cleared from a large tree, you will pay approximately $1,000 .

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How much does it cost to cut down a 40 foot tree?

If you have a pine tree that’s around 40 feet tall, you can expect to pay about $400. However, if your pine tree is taller and closer to the 80- foot mark, you may be charged about $1,500 as your job will require more work and poses a greater risk.

When should a tree be cut down?

A dead tree might not “look” like a danger to your property. But once it’s determined that a tree is declining or no longer living, it’s a safety hazard—even if it doesn’t have hanging branches or a leaning trunk to show for it. Dead tree signs are subtle, but they should always be taken seriously.

How do you estimate the height of a tree?

The stick is held pointing straight up, at 90 degrees to your outstretched, straight arm. Carefully walk backwards until the top of the tree lines up with the top of your stick. Mark where your feet are. The distance between your feet and the tree is roughly equivalent to the height of the tree .

How long will a dead tree stand?

However, no prediction would tell you exactly how long a dead tree can remain to stand , and it could be days, 1–2 years, or more. A dead tree could even stand for decades- long , still offering some shade, shelter, and adding value to the ecological food by feeding wildlife or myriad species such as woodpeckers.

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