Eastern bank locations massachusetts

How many locations does eastern bank have?

110 locations

Where is Eastern Bank headquarters?

Бостон, Массачусетс, США

Is Eastern Bank a good bank?

I would recommend eastern bank for there kind service and gratitude. Eastern Bank is the first bank that I have set up a checking account with. Everything has been awesome, except for a couple of fees here or there (for me not making the minimum purchases in a monthly period).

What is the routing number for Eastern Bank in MA?


Does Eastern Bank have Zelle?

Eastern Bank is excited to offer Zelle ®—a great way to send money in minutes 1 to almost anyone you know and trust who has a bank account in the United States. Zelle is simply a great way to send and receive money.

Who owns Eastern Bank?

Bob Rivers

Is eastern bank going public?

Days after Eastern Bank (Nasdaq: EBC) went public , it has announced its first acquisition as a publicly traded company.

Is eastern bank FDIC insured?

As a member of the FDIC , Eastern Bank protects its consumer and business deposits against loss as described below.

How many employees does eastern bank have?


How do I order checks from Eastern Bank?

To place a check reorder with no changes, click here or call 1-877-838-5287. If this is a new check order or you have changes, please call 1-800- EASTERN (327-8376) or visit your local Eastern Bank branch. To place a check reorder with no changes, click here or call 1-877-838-5287.

Can you deposit cash at Eastern Bank ATM?

If you have been issued an ATM or Debit Card, you can make deposits to any of the personal accounts you can access with your Card at an ATM . If you have signed up for online or mobile banking , you may be able to make a mobile deposit using your mobile device.

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How do I activate my eastern bank debit card?

How do I activate my debit card ? You can activate your card at any POS or ATM (a transaction that requires you to enter your PIN number to complete.) or you can call 1-866-392-9952.

How do I find my routing number eastern bank?

Eastern Bank online banking – You’ll be able to get your routing number by logging into online banking . Check or statement – Eastern Bank -issued check or bank statement. Fedwire – You can look up your routing number on the official website of the Federal Reserve.

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