Buying a car in massachusetts from new york

How do I buy a car from out of state in MA?

Proper Procedure for Purchasing Cars Out of State The proper procedure for purchasing a vehicle out-of-state and driving it back to Massachusetts is to register the vehicle first. You should complete your purchase paperwork ( purchase and sales contract, etc.), submit payment to the seller, and obtain the title.

Can you drive a car without plates if you just bought it in New York?

Yes, but only if you drive the vehicle directly to the first place of storage (usually your home) within three days of the sale. You must have the properly assigned title and proof of insurance with you . Do not use the seller’s license plate on the vehicle while driving it home.

Can I drive a car home that I bought out of state?

The primary concerns in driving a recently- purchased vehicle home from another state are being able to insure the vehicle and getting the necessary paperwork to legally drive the car until it is registered in the owner’s state . In other situations, a buyer may have to obtain coverage before driving the car home .

Do you pay taxes twice if you buy a car out of state?

While you don’t have to pay sales tax twice , you may have to meet the difference if the state where you bought the car has a lower sales tax than your own. There could also be local taxes to pay . When buying from an individual seller, you ‘ll pay the tax when the car in registered.

Can you have an unregistered car in your driveway in MA?

Unregistered vehicles are governed by Section 8(I) (PDF) of the Town’s Zoning Bylaw, which states: ” The keeping of more than 1 unregistered vehicle , assembled or disassembled, except by a person licensed under Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 140, Section 59, on any premises shall not be permitted unless said motor

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Can I drive a car I just bought in Massachusetts?

No. The law does not require you to purchase a vehicle in Massachusetts . If you comply with this law in the car you purchase will be legally registered in Massachusetts and may be driven in Massachusetts .

How do you buy a car from a private seller in NY?

So, to reiterate my seven basic points for the prospective car buyer : Make sure the title is not altered. Make sure the VIN on the title matches the VIN on the car . Check for odometer discrepancy. Make sure you’re dealing directly with the vehicle title owner. Check the DMV website for liens on the vehicle .

Can I drive a car I just bought from a private seller?

Can I drive a used car I just bought ? Your state DMV may give you a short window during which you can drive the car unregistered in order to get it home and to the DMV.

Can you register a car online in NY?

All vehicles in New York must be registered to be on the road. To do this, you must visit your local DMV office. Many DMV PDF forms can be filled in online and then printed out.

How do I drive home a used car that I bought?

First ,as soon as you buy the car , call your insurance company to let them know you have a different car to insure, then tape the bill of sale to the side window until you get home . Doing this shows your intent to follow the law as best you can at the time. Oh, yes.

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What state is the cheapest to buy a car?

New Hampshire

Can you buy a car across state lines?

Sales taxes are tricky when you buy a car out-of- state . Generally, you pay the dealer the sales tax, and the dealer sends the revenue to your home state , but exceptions abound. Make sure you consult your local DMV before making a purchase across state lines .

Where do I pay taxes if I buy a car out of state?

According to Carfax, you should pay sales tax to the state where you will register your vehicle (where you live), not to the state where you bought the vehicle . However, you may need to obtain a temporary registration card from the state where you purchased the car if you plan to drive it back to your home state .

What is the most expensive state to buy a car?

Based on that data, here are the 10 most expensive states to own a car: California. Florida . Connecticut. Louisiana. Rhode Island. Hawaii. Cost for three years of ownership: $14,516.10. Washington. Cost for three years of ownership: $14,445.41. Pennsylvania. Cost for three years of ownership: $14,098.60.

Are cars cheaper in Arizona than California?

The typical annual car insurance rate in Arizona is $349 less expensive than the average expense in California . The exact cost may vary, depending on your coverage level, driving and insurance history, and your auto insurance company.

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