Where is the berkshires in massachusetts

Are the Berkshires in New York or Massachusetts?

Location: The Berkshires are located in Berkshire County, Massachusetts , and are bordered by Vermont to the north, New York to the west, and Connecticut to the south. Population: 129,585 (as of 2013)

What towns are considered the Berkshires?

– Consisting of the towns of Alford, Egremont, Great Barrington , Lee, Lenox , Monterey, Mount Washington, New Marlborough, Otis, precinct 5B of the city of Pittsfield , the towns of Sandisfield, Sheffield , Stockbridge , Tyringham and West Stockbridge , all in the county of Berkshire; and the towns of Blandford, Chester and

Where are the Berkshire Hills located in Massachusetts?

Berkshire Hills , segment of the Appalachian Mountains, U.S., mainly in Berkshire county, western Massachusetts . Many summits rise to more than 2,000 feet (600 metres), including Mount Greylock (3,491 feet [1,064 metres]), the highest point in Massachusetts .

How far is the Berkshires from Boston?

103 miles

Is it expensive to live in the Berkshires?

The Cost of Living Is Affordable A recent study showed that Berkshire County has the lowest tax burden of any county in Massachusetts.

How far is the Berkshires from NYC?

147 miles

What are the Berkshires famous for?

The Berkshires region of western Massachusetts is known for its outdoor adventures like hiking and water sports, as well as cultural experiences. The Berkshires region of western Massachusetts is known for its outdoor adventures like hiking and water sports, as well as cultural experiences.

Why are the Berkshires popular?

Also referred to as the Berkshire Hills, Berkshire Mountains, and Berkshire Plateau, the region enjoys a vibrant tourism industry based on music, arts, hot tub baths, and recreation. Geologically, the mountains are a range of the Appalachian Mountains.

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How far are the Berkshires from Manhattan?

143 miles

How do you pronounce Berkshire Ma?

Referring to “the Berkshire mountains”, however, it is most often pronounced as “Berk shir” (rhyming with “sir”). It’s never “Bark shears” or “Bark shir”, and it never rhymes with “wire”. In Massachusetts it is pronounced BURK-sheer.

How do I get to the Berkshires?

To get to the Berkshires , Peter Pan Bus Lines and Greyhound Lines offer trips to the region from more than 30 locations, including New York City and Boston. The closest airport to the Berkshires is Albany International Airport (ALB), which sits about 60 miles northwest of the region.

What do you wear to the Berkshires?

The Travel Outfit: Arrive at the venue in with quintessential fall pieces — a jacket, dress and sneakers. The Hiking Outfit: Stay cozy in pants, sweater, and sneakers as you explore the Mass Audobon and surrounding trails.

What is it like to live in the Berkshires?

There are a lot of gilded age mansions in the area and second homes from Manhattanites who stay in the summer. I love the Berkshires , it is beautiful, friendly , mostly crime free, and has some very affordable areas for Massachusetts. The winters are rough and the economy is not that great.

What is there to do in the Berkshires in the winter?

Top 5 Things to do in the Berkshires in the Winter Skiing/Snowboarding, Cross-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing. Within a 5 to 30 minute drive, downhill skiing choices include Butternut, Jiminy Peak, Bousquet, or Catamount. Sledding and Tubing. Bring out your inner child and consider sledding and tubing! Ice Skating. Horseback Riding. Winter Magic Weekend Package.

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