Where is lee massachusetts

Is Lee Ma safe?

Lee, MA Crime

Statistic Reportedincidents Massachusetts/100k people
Assault 7 241.0
Violent crime 10 328
Burglary 5 179.0
Theft 58 911.8

What county is Lee Ma?

Беркшир Каунти

How far is South Lee from Boston?

114 miles

Where are the Berkshires in Massachusetts?

Culturally, the term “Berkshires” includes all of the highland region in western Massachusetts west of the Connecticut River and lower Westfield River. The cultural region also includes the Taconic Mountains bordering New York , which are geologically distinct from the Berkshires orogeny.

Is Dalton Ma safe?

Dalton Reviews. Great town to raise kids, and a very safe neighborhood. It doesn’t provide the best job opportunities but it is very family-friendly. However, there isn’t as much diversity and little to no nightlife.

Is Lee a good place to live?

Lee is a well-rounded, laid back neighborhood. Lee has an average violent crime rate and a below average property crime rate for London.

What is the zip code for Lee Massachusetts?

01238 01240 01242 01260

Is it expensive to live in the Berkshires?

The Cost of Living Is Affordable A recent study showed that Berkshire County has the lowest tax burden of any county in Massachusetts.

What do you wear to the Berkshires?

The Travel Outfit: Arrive at the venue in with quintessential fall pieces — a jacket, dress and sneakers. The Hiking Outfit: Stay cozy in pants, sweater, and sneakers as you explore the Mass Audobon and surrounding trails.

How far is the Berkshires from Boston?

103 miles

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