Where is gloucester massachusetts

How far is Gloucester Massachusetts from Boston?

27 miles

What is Gloucester MA known for?

This gorgeous coastal community boasts of hometown spirit, maritime history, fresh seafood and a spectacular working waterfront. Our natural beauty is an ever-changing backdrop to explore, and also home to artists, independent shops, award-winning restaurants, with beach strolls and nature trails for everyone to enjoy.

Is Gloucester MA worth visiting?

Famous for fishing, Gloucester is worth visiting for its history, seafood restaurants, whale watch cruises, artists’ colony, historic houses, and its fine beaches.

Is Gloucester MA A city or town?

Gloucester, city, Essex county , northeastern Massachusetts, U.S. It lies on the southern shore of Cape Ann, facing Massachusetts Bay, about 30 miles (48 km) northeast of Boston.

Are Gloucester beaches open to non residents?

Gloucester’s public beaches are currently open to a limited number of non – residents , and visitors to the area will still be permitted to park at public beach parking lots in Gloucester on weekdays, for the time being.

Is there a train from Gloucester to Boston?

On an average weekday, there are 16 trains travelling from Gloucester to Boston .

Is Gloucester MA a nice place to live?

Gloucester is a beautiful place to live . I recently moved there with my family, and we have all enjoyed our stay so far. There is a lot to do, especially during the summer. The downtown area is very welcoming and has a lot of bars and restaurants.

Is Gloucester MA Safe?

Gloucester is safer than the majority of cities, towns, and villages in America (63%) and also has a lower crime rate than 47% of the communities in Massachusetts, according to NeighborhoodScout’s analysis of FBI crime data.

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What is there to do in Gloucester MA today?

Top Attractions in Gloucester Good Harbor Beach. 693 reviews. Fishermen’s Memorial Monument. 818 reviews. Hammond Castle Museum . 614 reviews. Wingaersheek Beach. 304 reviews. Stage Fort Park and Beach. 245 reviews. Beauport, the Sleeper-McCann House. 240 reviews. Cape Ann Museum. 236 reviews. Main Street. 163 reviews.

Which film is set in Gloucester Massachusetts?

The Perfect Storm | 2000 The Crow’s Nest, 334 Main Street, Gloucester, is the real bar featured in Sebastian Junger’s book. Don’t worry if the outside doesn’t look much like it did in the film. The real Crow’s Nest is not actually on the dock.

How far is Cape Ann from Boston?

about 30 miles

How far is Gloucester from Salem MA?

13.68 miles

Is there a water ban in Gloucester MA?

The City of Gloucester will begin water conservation measures for one month, through September 10, 2020. Filling/replenishing of swimming pools from the City water supply is prohibited.

Did anyone survive on the Andrea Gail?

Her daughter’s husband, Dale “Murph” Murphy, was one of the six crew members who died aboard the Gloucester swordfishing boat Andrea Gail during that historic October storm. The fishing boat’s last reported position was 180 miles northeast of Sable Island, southeast of Halifax, Nova Scotia, on Oct. 28.

How do you pronounce Gloucester MA?

Gloucester (Glaw-ster) ‘Glow-chester’ is not quite the correct pronunciation , but I always hear people from outside of Massachusetts pronounce it this way.

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