Wheaton college (massachusetts)

Is Wheaton College MA a party school?

There is always a level of partying (and drinking) at Wheaton , but there is no pressure to drink if you don’t want to. Additionally, BACCHUS, Wheaton’s student-run entertainment group offers multiple sober activities, ranging from theater trips to Boston, to free, big-screen, pre-release movies.

What is Wheaton College Massachusetts known for?

Wheaton College is a top-ranked undergraduate institution that offers more than 100 majors and minors in the liberal arts and sciences.

Is Wheaton College MA religious?

While Wheaton is a secular college , we think it is important for our students to learn more about the different beliefs and traditions of others, and to provide space and support for those who have a religion or spiritual practice they are committed to observing.

How far is Wheaton College from Boston?

28 miles

What is Wheaton College acceptance rate?

82.6% (2019)

Are there two Wheaton Colleges?

The statement said some people have been confusing the two schools since a professor at Wheaton College in Illinois was placed on administrative leave after donning a headscarf to demonstrate solidarity with Muslims. It’s not the first time the two schools have been confused.

What college is in Norton MA?

Wheaton College

Who founded Wheaton College?

Jonathan Blanchard

How many students does Wheaton University have?


What division is Wheaton College baseball?

NCAA Division III

What conference is Wheaton College in?

College Conference of Illinois & Wisconsin

When was Wheaton College founded?


How do I get to Wheaton?

Take I-88 west to 355 North. Exit 355 at Roosevelt Rd west. Stay on Roosevelt through the town of Glen Ellyn; when you get to Wheaton , go past President Street, to Washington Street where you’ll turn right (north) and go approximately 8 blocks to campus.

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