What made robert shurtliff of massachusetts an atypical member of the continental army?

Where did delegates from all of the colonies meet to discuss their course of action after the skirmishes at Lexington and Concord?

After violence broke out between Britain and its American colonies in 1775, delegates from the thirteen colonies met in Philadelphia to plot the course of war—and soon, independence.

What obstacle did the British army face in the Revolutionary War?

What obstacle did the British army face in the Revolutionary War ? It was difficult to supply their army with food and supplies. they wanted to show England that there was commitment to war outside New England.

What was a significant outcome of the Continental Army’s campaign in Quebec?

What was the significance of the Continental army’s campaign in Montreal and Quebec ? It showed that the war was more than a reaction to the invasion of Massachusetts. Why did delegates to the Second Continental Congress remain reluctant to break with Britain in 1775?

How was the Continental Army formed initially quizlet?

it was formed because the confrontation with British troops at Lexington and Concord it was apparent that more formal organized way of defending colonies. the various militia units loyal to various individuals would be counter productive in a battle against the “common enemy.”

What was the most significant accomplishment of the Second Continental Congress?

The resolution for independence

What four things did the First Continental Congress agree to do?

Contents Taxation Without Representation. The First Continental Congress . The Revolutionary War. Fighting for Reconciliation. Declaring Independence. Waging the War. The Articles of Confederation.

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Why did Indian tribes ally with the Americans as the war wore on group of answer choices?

Why did Indian tribes ally with the Americans as the war wore on? They realized the likelihood of American victory. The commander of the British navy argued for abandoning the war .

Why did most of the Iroquois nations side with the British during the Revolutionary War?

Most of the Indian nations east of the Mississippi River sided with the British . Those who favored neutrality and those who sided with the colonists often found themselves at odds with the countrymen. Both sides wanted the support of the powerful Iroquois Confederacy.

What was the significance of the Battle of Bunker Hill quizlet?

Significance of the Battle of Bunker Hill : The Battle of Bunker hill was the first major battle . It was technically a victory for Britain, but an emotional victory for the patriots because it took the British three tries to get to the hill , and only worked the third time because we ran out of ammunition.

Why did American soldiers attacked Quebec in 1775?

On December 31, 1775 , during the American Revolutionary War ( 1775 -83), Patriot forces under Colonel Benedict Arnold (1741-1801) and General Richard Montgomery (1738-75) attempted to capture the British-occupied city of Quebec and with it win support for the American cause in Canada.

Why did America invade Canada in 1812?

In June 1812 , the United States declared war on Great Britain, citing among its grievances the practice of removing sailors from American merchant ships and forcing them to serve in the British navy. Almost immediately thereafter, U.S. President James Madison approved a three-pronged assault against Canada .

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Why did America invade Quebec?

The purpose of the invasion of Canada was to bring the French-Canadian population into the war on the American side, to take control of the sea route from Britain to the St Lawrence River and to drive the British out of Canada. The Americans captured Fort St John and Montreal .

Who was named the commander of the Continental Army quizlet?

-Named George Washington Commander in Chief of the continental army.

Who was the commander in chief of the Continental Army quizlet?

George Washington

What is one of the major reasons why the Continental Army suffered in Valley Forge?

A lack of organization, food and money shortages plagued the Continental Army throughout the first half of the seven-year-long revolution. These problems exacerbated the harsh living conditions at Valley Forge , during the third year of the war.

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