The big e springfield massachusetts

Is the Big E going to happen in 2020?

For the safety of our fairgoers, staff, vendors, entertainers, exhibitors, sponsors, volunteers and the broader community, the 2020 Big E has been cancelled. Thank you all for your support and we’ll see you September 17-October 3, 2021, when we can all celebrate together again.

Where is the Big E held?

West Springfield

How long does the Big E last?

17 days

What was the weight of the Big E?

Big E (wrestler)

Big E
Billed height 5 ft 11 in (180 cm)
Billed weight 285 lb ( 129 kg )
Billed from Tampa, Florida
Trained by Florida Championship Wrestling NXT

Who is Big E wife?

Big E, age 33, is not married yet and his relationship status seems to be single to the public. However, he was rumored to be having an affair with a model, Celeste .

What is Big E real name?

Ettore Ewen

What happened Big E?

WWE Star Big E Responds to Being “Replaced” by The New Day Following Knee Injury. Former Intercontinental Champion Big E has been noticeably missing from WWE Smackdown since he suffered an injury to his knee during the main event at WrestleMania 35.

What is Big E’s finisher?

Big E Langston Finisher – Big Ending.

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