Springfield massachusetts area code

Is Springfield Massachusetts Safe?

With a crime rate of 37 per one thousand residents, Springfield has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes – from the smallest towns to the very largest cities. One’s chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime here is one in 27.

What is Springfield MA famous for?

In addition to its nicknames, Hoop City, The City of Progress, and The City of Homes, Springfield is also known as The City of Firsts because of it’s many innovations: The first use of interchangeable parts and the assembly line in manufacturing, (1819, Thomas Blanchard)

Which country area code is 413?

Where is area code 413 ? Area code 413 is located in western Massachusetts and covers Springfield, Chicopee, and Pittsfield. It is the only area code that serves the area .

Is Springfield MA Urban?

The Urban Extent of Springfield , MA in 2014 was 67,653 hectares, increasing at an average annual rate of 1.9% since 2000. The urban extent in 2000 was 52,062 hectares, increasing at an average annual rate of 11.8% since 1991, when its urban extent was 18,008 hectares.

What is the most dangerous city in MA?

Here are the 25 Most Dangerous Cities per Capita in Massachusetts: #8 – Pittsfield. #7 – Wareham. Population: 22,592. #6 – Webster. Population: 16,295. #5 – Tisbury. Population: 4,116. #4 – Brockton. Population: 95,287. #3 – Holyoke . Population: 40,178. #2 – Fall River . Population: 89,066. #1 – Springfield . Population: 154,306.

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Is Springfield Massachusetts a good place to live?

Compared with other East Coast metropolitan areas like Boston and New York City, Springfield is an affordable place to live . Housing tends to get more expensive the farther away it is from the city center. The median home sale price in the city is lower than the national median.

What is the crime rate in Springfield MA?

The Springfield MA crime rate for 2018 was 988.54 per 100,000 population, a 13.09% increase from 2017. The Springfield MA crime rate for 2017 was 874.08 per 100,000 population, a 15.18% decline from 2016. The Springfield MA crime rate for 2016 was 1030.49 per 100,000 population, a 4% decline from 2015.

Which Springfield is the largest?

Major centers. As of the 2010 census, Springfield, Missouri and Springfield, Massachusetts were the world’s most populous cities named Springfield, with 159,630 and 155,575 residents, respectively. Springfield, Illinois, the one-time home of Abraham Lincoln, is the only U.S. state capital with the name.

How far is Springfield MA from Boston?

81 miles

Where is 917 area code in United States?

New York City

What are the area codes for Massachusetts?

Area codes 978 and 351 Area code 413 Area codes 781 and 339 Area code 617

Is 401 a code?

Rhode Island

Why is the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield MA?

The city’s Basketball Hall of Fame commemorates James Naismith, who invented the game of basketball in Springfield in 1891.

Why is Big Y called Big Y?

Big Y has been named a 2015 Employer of Choice by the Employers Association of the Northeast. Founded in 1936 by brothers Paul and Gerald D’Amour, the store was named after an intersection in Chicopee, Massachusetts where two roads converge to form a ” Y “.

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How do I get from Springfield to Boston?

The quickest train from Springfield to Boston takes just 2 hours and 22 minutes and is operated by Amtrak Lakeshore Limited. Trains are busiest on Tuesdays and quietest on Mondays. Passengers who prefer a direct, quicker train from Springfield to Boston can book a ticket from Amtrak Lakeshore Limited.

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