Rental cars in massachusetts

How much does it cost to rent a car in Massachusetts?

Car rental prices in Massachusetts

Standard SUV $26/day
Minivan $20/day
Full-size $16/day
Intermediate SUV $23/day
Full-size SUV $24/day

Does Massachusetts auto insurance cover rental cars?

If you carry Collision and Comprehensive Coverage on your MA Personal Auto Policy, these coverages will follow you with the rental vehicle , as long as you rent a ‘private passenger vehicle ‘. Meaning if you plan to rent a commercial type vehicle , like a U-Haul or Budget truck to move, you will not be covered .

Can you rent a car at 21 in Massachusetts?

The minimum age to rent a car in Boston is 21 years old, but there is the surcharge policy applied to all renters under the age of 25. You will have to pay it at the rental desk before picking up your rental vehicle .

How much does it cost to rent a car in Boston?

Enterprise car rental prices in Boston

Economy $26/day
Full-size SUV $57/day
Premium $34/day
Passenger van $83/day
Luxury $45/day

Who is the best car rental company in USA?

Best Car Rental Companies in the USA #1 – Alamo (8.6/10) #2 – Enterprise (8.5/10) #3 – National (8.4/10) #4 – Dollar (8.2/10) #5 – SIXT (8.1/10) #6 – Thrifty (7.8/10) #7 – Hertz (7.6/10) #8 – Budget (7.3/10)

What should I know before renting a car?

Here are 8 valuable things to know about how to rent a car . Use a credit card when picking up the car . Kids cost more to drive rental cars . Keep drivers to a minimum. Shop around for car insurance. Try not to rent a car at the airport. Stay on paved roads. Fill up the tank before returning the car .

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Can I get a rental car at 21?

Yes, the minimum age to rent a vehicle is 21 years of age. There is no maximum age restriction in the United States and Canada. A ‘Young Renter Fee’ may be applied to your rental , if you are between the ages of 21 and 24.

Can you get a rental car at 20?

1. How old do you have to be to rent a car ? While every rental car company has their own policies for young renters, the minimum age to rent a vehicle with Hertz is 20 throughout the U.S., except Michigan and New York where the minimum age to rent is 18. 2.

What all do you need to get a rental car?

In most cases, you ‘ll need only your valid driver’s license and an Avis-honored credit card. The license acts as a form of ID and can be used to prove you have an acceptable driving record. The credit card acts as proof that you can pay for your rental after you return the car .

What is Boston is famous for?

Boston is best known for its famous baked beans, Fenway Park, The Boston Marathon, and of course for the bar from Cheers, but dig a little deeper below the surface and you’ll find a surprising wealth of things that make Boston one of the best cities in America—and the world.

Do most car insurance cover rental cars?

If you carry comprehensive and liability coverage on your personal car , coverage typically will extend to your rental car within the United States. If you’re renting a car in the U.S. of similar value to your personal car , in all likelihood your auto insurance coverage will be adequate for the rental .

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How much is it to rent a car for a day?

On average a rental car in United States costs $58 per day .

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