National grid customer service massachusetts

How do I talk to a person at National Grid?

If you need to talk to a live person in National Grid customer service you need to dial 1-800-322-3223. To speak with a live agent, you need to stay on the line.

How do I contact National Grid by phone?

Customers— call 1-800-322-3223.

How do I pay my National Grid bill by phone?

1-800-322-3223 to pay with credit, debit, or bank account. Fees may apply.

How do I find my national grid access code?

There are a few options to locate your access code . Please try one of the following: Check under the “Important Messages” section towards the bottom of your paper bill. If your bill runs to the second page, also check under the “Additional Messages” section on the second page.

What is National Grid customer service number?


Does National Grid go door to door?

The company does not conduct sales door-to-door and National Grid does not offer residential equipment inspection and maintenance service. Customers should always ask to see the identification of anyone attempting to gain entrance to their home — especially if the customer did not initiate a service call.

How much is National Grid a month?

Customer Charge $20.00 per month Distribution Charge On-Peak 14.859¢ per kWh Off-Peak 4.328¢ per kWh Transition Charge 0.091¢ per kWh Transmission Charge 2.700¢ per kWh Energy Efficiency Charge 2.083¢ per kWh Renewable Energy Charge 0.050¢ per kWh Metering Charge If Applicable G-1 – General Service Small C&I Rate –

Does national grid ask for social security number?

National Grid advises: Never provide your Social Security number , credit card number or bank information to anyone requesting it over the phone or at your home unless you initiated the contact and feel confident that the transaction is legitimate.

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Does National Grid provide electricity?

National Grid procures its electricity supply for Basic Service, on behalf of its customers, from system power contracts, not from specific generating units. You may call National Grid at 1-800-322-3223.

How do I pay my National Grid bill in person?

Pay In Person – Make a payment at National Grid walk-in payment centers or at thousands of Western Union locations – free of service charges. Visit to find a location. Pay by Bank – Some banks allow you to use their web site to pay National Grid bills . Contact your bank to learn more.

How do I pay my National Grid gas bill online?

Welcome to our MA Gas Home site. Click to expand the menu for Your Account. Account Overview. Click to expand the menu for Billing & Payments . Pay by Credit Card (Western Union, fees apply) Click to expand the menu for Save Energy & Money. Efficiency Solutions. Click to expand the menu for Safety & Outages. Pay Your Bill .

Can I pay my National Grid bill at Walmart?

As an authorized payment center for PG&E, SDG&E and SoCalGas, customers can pay bills from these companies without incurring a convenience fee. To pay a bill , customers bring their bill stub to a participating Walmart MoneyCenter or customer service desk.

Why is my National Grid electric bill so high?

Take advantage of our programs and solutions to greater control your energy use and monthly bills , year round. When the weather is colder or hotter than normal, more energy is needed to keep homes comfortable, and higher bills can be expected.

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How do I change my National Grid account?

Please call us at 1-800-233-5325, Monday – Friday, 7:00am-5:00pm.

Do I have to use national grid?

Is it mandatory that I switch to a different supplier? No. If you do nothing, or don’t want to switch, National Grid will continue to supply your electricity or natural gas and associated delivery services.

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