Massachusetts tolls no cash

What happens if you don’t pay tolls in MA?

If someone does not pay their bill, the state can put a hold on the vehicle owners registration renewal. Drivers will be required to settle their toll bill before renewing.

How do I pay mass tolls?

Under the new system, there are three ways of paying : Using an E-ZPass Massachusetts transponder. Drivers who use these state transponders will get a discounted toll. Using an out-of-state transponder. Pay -by-plate payment .

Can you drive on the Mass Pike without an EZ Pass?

(WWLP) – If you don’t have an E-Z Pass transponder, your bill is about to get a little more expensive on the Massachusetts Turnpike . Under the state’s All Electronic Tolling System, Pay-by-Plate drivers are supposed to get hit with a surcharge every time they drive on the Mass Pike .

Is EZ Pass cheaper than paying cash?

E-ZPass makes traveling more convenient. There’s no more digging for cash or waiting in line to pay the toll. Most fares are less than cash rates saving you money . Automatically enrolled in the E-Z Discount Plan saving you 25% up to 50% off each month with 30 trips or more.

How much is EZ Pass Ma?

Open your account with the initial payment: Private Individual Account – $30 per transponder. Commercial Business Account – $50 per transponder.

How do Massachusetts tolls work?

You are charged tolls through a transponder, a small electronic device that attaches to your windshield. When you open an E-ZPass MA account, your transponder is provided free. Your E-ZPass MA transponder provides discounted tolls on MA roadways.

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Can you pay Massachusetts tolls with cash?

Massachusetts does not accept cash on its toll roads , becoming one of the first states to adopt, completely, an all-electronic tolling system for its turnpikes and bridges.

How do I pay my ma toll online?

Welcome to EZDriveMA, the online home of Massachusetts all electronic tolling program. Here, you can open an E-ZPass MA account, manage your account information, and pay missed tolls .

How much are mass tolls?

How much will your new Mass. Pike toll be?

Gantries E-ZPassMA No transponder
Allston $0.35 $1.00
Tobin Bridge $1.25 $1.55
Sumner/Callahan tunnels $1.50 $2.05
Ted Williams Tunnel $1.50 $2.05

How long does it take to get an EZ Pass transponder in MA?

It usually takes about a week to receive a transponder once an application is received. However, we’re navigating an unfamiliar situation and working to help avoid or slow the spread of COVID-19.

Can I use my Massachusetts EZ Pass in a rental car?

You may use your own personal E-Z Pass transponder or account. We will not charge you a fee for using your personal EZ Pass transponder or account. Contact your transponder issuer for details on how to use your personal transponder or account with your rental vehicle .

Where can I pick up an EZ Pass transponder in Massachusetts?

Apply in Person — Visit a local E-ZPass MA Customer Service Center or a participating RMV sign- up location and pick up your transponder the same day.

Is it worth getting an EZ Pass?

Definitely worth it. You only pay for what you use and it’s always there in case you don’t have cash for random tolls. Also good for all the other toll roads up/down the East Coast.

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What is the best state to get an EZ Pass?

Will be traveling in Illinois , Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania , New York and also in Canada.

What is the difference between Ezpass and Ipass?

The I-Pass is on the E-ZPass electronic toll collection network, so any transponder that displays the I-Pass or E-ZPass logo, regardless of the state of issue, will be accepted in I-Pass and cash lanes in Illinois. Additionally, other passes work on Illinois’ toll roads.

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