Massachusetts superior court filing fees

How much does it cost to file a lawsuit in Massachusetts?

claim? The filing fee for small claims of $500 and under is $40. The filing fee for claims of $501 to $2000 is $50. The filing fee for claims of $2001 to $5000 is $100.

What kind of cases are heard in Superior Court Massachusetts?

Superior Court Superior courts handle criminal cases and civil cases over $25,000. They also handle appeals of certain agency proceedings.

How do I pay my court fees in Massachusetts online?

How to pay Go to to find your case. Check the box that says “I’m not a robot,” and click on the “Click here” button to enter. When you get in, you see the eAccess Search Page. Select the Court Department and Court Division from the drop-down boxes.

How many superior courts are in Massachusetts?

The Superior Court, the trial court of general jurisdiction for Massachusetts, is committed to delivering high quality justice in a timely and fair manner in accordance with the rule of law. The court’s 82 justices sit in 20 courthouses in all 14 counties of the Commonwealth.

Is it expensive to take someone to small claims court?

As to the cost of taking someone to small claims court , you’ll generally pay a filing fee of less than $100 that is recoverable if you win. Meanwhile, each state will cap the amount you are allowed to sue for. It typically ranges anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000, according to LegalZoom.

What is the maximum amount you can sue for in small claims court in Massachusetts?


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What does it mean when your case goes to Superior Court?

Trial courts are also called ” superior courts .” In the trial or superior court , a judge, and sometimes a jury, hears testimony and evidence and decides a case by applying the law to the facts of the case . Superior courts handle: Appeals of infraction (like traffic) and misdemeanor cases .

Why does a case go to superior court?

Appeals – Appeals from decisions of limited jurisdiction courts go to superior court . An appeal may be heard as a new trial (a trial de novo), or the superior court judge may review records of trial proceedings if records have been kept. Decisions made in small claims court cannot be appealed.

What’s the difference between Superior Court and District Court?

Superior courts hear cases involving felony crimes, civil cases involving $25,000 or more, and appeals from district courts .

What is the filing fee for divorce in Massachusetts?


Can you pay court fees in cash?

Payment is accepted by cash , check (payable to “Clerk/Superior Court “), or credit card. Checks accepted include: personal check, cashier’s check, certified check, traveler’s check, or money order.

How do you write a check to court?

To pay the Court , mail a check , money order or cashier check to the address on your court paper. Do not mail cash. Make your check payable to: Clerk of the Superior Court . Write your court case number on your check in the memo area.

What is the highest court in Massachusetts?

The Supreme Judicial Court

Are Massachusetts judges appointed or elected?

In the United States, some states elect their judges, while in others they are appointed. Judges in Massachusetts are appointed by the governor with the advice and consent of the Executive Council, also known as the Governor’s Council.

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How many courts are in Massachusetts?

The Massachusetts Court System consists of the Supreme Judicial Court (SJC), the Appeals Court, the Executive Office of the Trial Court, the 7 Trial Court departments, the Massachusetts Probation Service (MPS), and the Office of Jury Commissioner (OJC).

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