Massachusetts society of mayflower descendants

How many descendants of the Mayflower are alive today?

35 million

What does it mean to be a Mayflower descendant?

The General Society of Mayflower Descendants — commonly called the Mayflower Society — is a hereditary organization of individuals who have documented their descent from at least one of the 102 passengers who arrived on the Mayflower in 1620 at what is now Plymouth, Massachusetts.

How much does it cost to join the Mayflower Society?

When you apply for membership , there is an application fee of $250 that must accompany the application form. At this time you may decide whether to become a regular annual member or a Life member.

How do you prove you are a Mayflower descendant?

Birth, marriage, and death certificates are necessary for you and each succeeding generation. Copies of these records are sufficient; the Mayflower Society does not need the original documents.

Does the original Mayflower ship still exist?

The Mayflower returned to England from Plymouth Colony, arriving back on 9 May 1621. Surrey, England, on 5 March 1621/2. No further record of the Mayflower is found until May 1624, when it was appraised for the purposes of probate and was described as being in ruinis. The ship was almost certainly sold off as scrap.

How many trips to America did the Mayflower make?

After a grueling 10 weeks at sea, the Mayflower, with 102 passengers and a crew of about 30, reached America, dropping anchor near the tip of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, on November 21 [O.S. November 11], 1620 . Mayflower .

Owner: Christopher Jones (¼ of the ship)
Maiden voyage: Before 1609
Out of service: 1622–1624
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How many passengers died on the Mayflower voyage?

Forty- five of the 102 Mayflower passengers died in the winter of 1620 –21, and the Mayflower colonists suffered greatly during their first winter in the New World from lack of shelter, scurvy, and general conditions on board ship. They were buried on Cole’s Hill.

Is there a passenger list for the Mayflower?

Full Mayflower Passenger List Alden, John—ship’s crew, 21. Allerton, Isaac—Separatist, 34. Mary Norris—wife, 30. Allerton, John—ship’s crew. Billington, John—non-Separatist, 38. Bradford, William—Separatist, 30. Brewster, William—Separatist, 54. Britteridge, Richard—non-Separatist, 39. Browne, Peter—non-Separatist, 20.

Did the Mayflower make more than one trip to America?

The Mayflower also made occasional voyages to other ports, including once to Malaga, Spain, and twice to Hamburg, Germany. The Mayflower was supposed to accompany another ship, the Speedwell, to America , but the Speedwell proved too leaky for the voyage so the Mayflower proceeded alone.

Were there any babies born on the Mayflower?

One baby was born during the journey. Elizabeth Hopkins gave birth to her first son, appropriately named Oceanus, on Mayflower . Another baby boy, Peregrine White, was born to Susanna White after Mayflower arrived in New England.

Which US president could claim Mayflower ancestry?

President John Adams

What did the Pilgrims eat on the Mayflower?

During the Mayflower’s voyage, the Pilgrims ‘ main diet would have consisted primarily of a cracker-like biscuit (“hard tack”), salt pork, dried meats including cow tongue, various pickled foods, oatmeal and other cereal grains, and fish. The primary beverage for everyone, including children, was beer.

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What was the name of the only baby born on the Mayflower?

Peregrine White

How do you join the Mayflower Society?

Membership is handled through our 54 Member Societies . To become an approved member of GSMD, your first step is to contact one of the Member Societies and work with the historian of that Society on your application. Click here for more information on how to join . Click here for a list of Member Society contacts.

What was the length of the Mayflower?

about 80 feet

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