Massachusetts minimum wage 2013

What was the federal minimum wage in 2013?

$7.25 per hour

What was California’s minimum wage in 2013?

On Sept. 25, 2013, California Governor Edmund G. Brown signed into law a bill that will raise California’s minimum wage from $8 to $10 per hour over the next two-plus years.

What was the minimum wage in Massachusetts in 2012?

Minimum Wage Workers in Massachusetts – 2012

Year Number of workers at or below Federal minimum wage (in thousands) All hourly-paid workers
Total Median earnings (in dollars)
2012 24 15.02
2001 16 $10.12

What was the minimum wage in Massachusetts in 1979?


What was min wage in 1987?


What was min wage in 1975?


What was California’s minimum wage in 1990?

History of California Minimum Wage

Effective Date New Minimum Wage Old Minimum Wage
October 1, 1996 $4.75 $4.25
July 1, 1988 $4.25 $3.35
January 1, 1981 $3.35 $3.10
January 1, 1980 $3.10 $2.90

What state has the highest minimum wage?

New York already raised its hourly minimum to $11.80 on Dec. 31. Excluding Washington , D.C.’s $14 per hour minimum wage – which will climb to $15 per hour in mid-2020 – is the highest in the country, followed by Washington and California at $13.50 per hour and $13 per hour, respectively.

What will California’s minimum wage be in 2020?

$13 per hour

Is minimum wage going up in 2020 in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts minimum wage is $12.75/hour as of January 1, 2020 . Note: There are many circumstances in which different wages may be paid. See links below for more information. Minimum wage will go up in steps to reach $15 per hour in January 2023.

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What is the minimum wage in Texas in 2020?


What is Massachusetts 2018 minimum wage?

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker approved a new law that will increase the minimum wage and require paid leave for employees on Thursday, June 28, 2018. On Jan. 1, 2019, the minimum wage will increase from $11.00 to $12.00. It will increase each year until it reaches $15 in 2023.

What is the new national minimum wage 2020?

$19.84 per hour

What was federal minimum wage in 2000?


What was the average income in 1940?


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