Massachusetts license plate types

What is a normal license plate type?

License Plate Sizes Automobile, commercial, and trailer license plates are 12″ x 6″. Motorcycle license plates 7″ x 4″ ( plates issued prior to July 1, 1970, are 8″ x 5″).

Is a front license plate required in MA?

* Massachusetts requires at least one license plate , and it can be on the front or the rear of the vehicle , leaving it up to the driver. Massachusetts requires two plates unless you have a special exemption (usually the old style green plates).

What does PS stand for on a Massachusetts license plate?

State Police Association of Massachusetts

What is the rarest license plate?

What is the rarest license plate? In U.S. issues, most collectors still consider the 1921 Alaska license plate to be the “holy grail” of license plates, although it’s arguable if this issue has the fewest known examples on hand. The 1912 Mississippi is also a rare one, and the possibility of 1911 porcelain Miss.

What does LV mean on a license plate?

Full Size

What does TC mean on a license plate?

Vehicle registration plates of the Turks and Caicos Islands

Image Notes
TC 1234 commercial (green)
TC 1234 government (black)
TC 1234 for hire (yellow)
The Governor’s cars simply display a plate with a crown.

Are license plate frames illegal in Massachusetts?

The following information is from the Massachusetts RMV website: Regulations require that all letters, numbers, stickers, and symbols must be clearly visible on the number plate . A number plate frame that obstructs any part of the plate is illegal , and you could be fined for having an obstructed plate .

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Can I put my front plate in the window?

There is no way to firmly affix the plate to your windshield so that it can be observed by law enforcement, and you will end up being pulled over if you choose to just place the plate on the dashboard facing the windshield. It’s best to just affix the plate to the front end of your car and avoid any legal hassles.

How do I get a Massachusetts license plate?

Visit an RMV Service Center to order your plate . You will need a completed Registration and Title Application that has been signed and stamped by your insurance agent/company. Most service centers accept cash, check, or money order.

How much is a Massachusetts license plate?

The regular one-year passenger vehicle registration fee is $30, and $60 for two-year plates . If you want a special registration plate , it is a $75 fee . All this information can be found on the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) website Massachusetts extension. Still have questions about vehicle registration?

How do I get a vanity plate in MA?

How to request In person. Bring your completed application and payment for the required fee to an RMV Service Center. By mail. Mail your completed application and check or money order payable to MassDOT to: Online. The quickest and easiest way to order a vanity plate is online.

Who owns the number plate a1?

In 1985, BTR plc gained the ” A 1 ” plate after it acquired Dunlop. The company’s headquarters in Birmingham placed it on a Ford Granada. In 2000, the plate was bought by John McDevitt after its sale by Insignia Registrations alongside the plate , “1 A”.

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What is the oldest license plate?

1903 — Massachusetts became the first to provide state-issued porcelain license plates. The very first, featuring the number “1,” was issued to Frederick Tudor. (One of his relatives still holds an active registration on the plate.)

Which state has the most expensive license plates?

Some states assess a flat fee while other states assess the registration fee based on vehicle weight, horsepower, or vehicle age. Here are the 10 states with the highest car registration fees: Florida ($225) Montana ($217) Indiana ($196) Illinois ($151) Maryland ($135) Oregon ($112) Alaska ($100) Oklahoma ($96)

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