Massachusetts initial teaching license

How do I get my initial teaching license in MA?

How to Get a MA Teaching License Provide proof that you hold a bachelor’s degree. Hold a 3.0 GPA. Complete approved student- teaching hours. Receive a passing grade on required exams. Pass background clearance by Massachusetts . Submit application for teaching certification . Payment of all fees.

What is a provisional teaching license in MA?

Provisional License : The entry level Provisional License is valid for five years and is non-renewable. It is issued to a person who holds a bachelor’s or master’s degree and has passed the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL). Submission of a completed Application for Adult Basic Education License .

What is initial licensure?

Initial licensure means the first authorization to practice issued to a person by a licensing authority in this State or any other state.

How do I become a history teacher in Massachusetts?

In Massachusetts , a bachelor’s degree and teacher preparation program are required to become a licensed history teacher . There are several accredited, approved teacher preparation programs for future history teachers to choose from, regardless of the preferred age group.

What is a highly qualified teacher in MA?

Highly qualified ” means that the teacher : 1. Has obtained full State certification as a teacher or passed the State teacher licensing examination and holds a license to teach in the State, and does not have certification or licensure requirements waived on an emergency, temporary, or provisional basis. 2.

How long is an initial teaching license good for in Massachusetts?

five years

Is a master’s degree required to teach in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts has a structured, tiered system for teachers . Meaning to earn a professional license, teachers must earn a master’s degree and pass the pertinent parts of the Massachusetts Test for Educator Licensure (MTEL). A master’s degree is not required to begin a career as a high school teacher in Massachusetts .

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What states have teaching reciprocity with Massachusetts?

For more information on the process of certification in Massachusetts , explore the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education website or call 781-338-6600. Massachusetts Teacher Reciprocity Agreements.

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Indiana Maine
New Hampshire North Carolina
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How long are Mtels good for?

MTEL scores never expire – get this off of your plate now as you’ll have enough on your plate once you’re enrolled in a graduate program. If you take a year to complete an application to graduate school, your test scores will still be valid .

What is initial teacher preparation?

Scope. Initial teacher preparation in the ITP study is defined as a composite of pre-service education and induction. Induction, an element of in-service education, is the activities organised to support beginning teachers , such as formal and informal mentoring, support sessions, peer-work, etc.

How often do teachers have to renew their certification?

five years

What is a conditional initial certificate?

When a first-time teacher is initially hired, whether they are fresh out of college with a degree in education or have recently earned their alternative teacher certification through a program like the American Board, the state will issue them an initial or temporary teaching license, sometimes known as a conditional

What does a teacher preparation program consist of?

Teacher Preparation Certification Program A teacher preparation program is designed to prepare both undergraduate and graduate students to become licensed teachers . Programs can offer students specialized coursework in the grade level and subjects they are interested in teaching .

What do you need to be a substitute teacher in Massachusetts?

Experience If you have a high school diploma or GED only, you may not substitute teach in an area without specific training in that area. If you have a high school diploma or GED and a certificate in a specialty area, you must have six years of work experience.

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How do I become a teacher’s assistant in Massachusetts?

Obtain an associate’s degree in the study program of your choice. Earn 48 credit hours at a higher learning institution, such as a community college or university. Pass a state-approved exam, either ParaPro or ACT WorkKeys. Massachusetts requires a minimum score of 464 (on a scale of 420 to 480) to pass the ParaPro.

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