Massachusetts home improvement license

How do I renew my HIC Licence?

How to renew Online. Visit our online portal to renew or reactivate your HIC number. By mail. Download and fill out a renewal application. In person. Download and fill out a renewal application and bring it to Suite 710 at 1000 Washington St.

How do I get a home improvement license in Massachusetts?

Home improvement contractors work on one- to four-family occupied and existing structures and do not do any new build projects. To become a home improvement contractor , you need only to pay a fee to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts based on the number of employees you have and then you are issued your license .

What can a home improvement contractor do in Massachusetts?

Once licensed, a construction supervisor can actually build new homes (that are smaller than 35,000 cubic feet) or new additions on existing homes , whereas home improvement contractors can only perform certain renovations on existing homes .

What does a home improvement license cover?

This includes, but is not limited to, the construction, replacement, or improvement of basements, driveways, fences, garages, landscaping, patios, porches, sidewalks, swimming pools, terraces, and other improvements to structures or upon land that is next to a home or apartment building.

Does a handyman need a license in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts . A handyman who performs home improvement jobs and property repairs does not need a state license , but must have a home improvement contractor registration. There is no exam requirement, but you must pay a registration fee.

How long does it take to get a home improvement license in CT?

It usually takes about three weeks for you to receive your registration, at which point you can start building. Don’t forget that you need to provide a copy of your New Home Construction certificate to a customer before you can take on a project!

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What can a home improvement contractor do?

A residential general contractor is a home remodeling professional who organizes and executes larger remodeling projects. A home improvement contractor is usually tasked with smaller, though no less important items, such as installing new windows, flooring, cabinets, siding, landscaping, etc.

Can a home improvement contractor do electrical work?

Licensed general contractors can perform a wide variety of work . It can be earthmoving, plumbing, electrical , foundations, framing, or roofing work . In the State of California there are three distinct classes of general contractor . General Contractor Type A can perform large projects that require engineering knowledge.

What does general contractor do?

A general contractor is responsible for providing all of the material, labor, equipment (such as engineering vehicles and tools) and services necessary for the construction of the project. A general contractor often hires specialized subcontractors to perform all or portions of the construction work.

Who can pull a building permit in Massachusetts?

Any homeowner may take out a permit for work on his residence. Anyone can do building work on his home (1 or 2 family) without being registered with the City or licensed with the State or City. However, all work must conform to City codes and ordinances.

How much can a contractor ask for upfront in Massachusetts?

Any deposit required to be paid in advance of the start of the work cannot exceed one-third of the total contract price or the actual cost of any material or equipment of a special order or custom made nature, which must be ordered in advance of the start of the work to assure that the project will proceed on schedule.

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What consumers should look for in a home improvement company?

Home improvement contractors should always remember that they need to work on the following traits to make them more successful in the industry: timeliness, the quality of their work, responsiveness, expertise and experience, honesty, friendliness towards the client, cost of services, proximity, and online reviews.

Do you need a license for home improvement?

Generally, yes. It depends upon who contracted (or will be contracting) to perform the work. The person or entity who contracts to perform the home improvement work must be licensed . For example, if a contractor is a corporation, the possession of a license by one of its officers will not suffice.

Should a Handyman be licensed and insured?

One of the most important reasons to only hire a licensed and insured handyman company is to protect yourself from liability. If a handyman gets injured while working on a project at your home or business and does not have insurance , they can sue you for any damages.

What is the difference between home improvement contractor and general contractor?

When you hire someone to work on your home improvement project, you probably want a specialist in the task at hand — but you also need someone who is licensed and capable of fulfilling the entire job. General contractors have the resources and talent to assume full responsibility for remodeling and renovation projects.

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