Massachusetts fire alarm code

Are carbon monoxide detectors required in Massachusetts?

The law requires carbon monoxide alarms to be installed on every level of your home, including habitable portions of basements and attics, in most residences. On levels with sleeping areas, carbon monoxide alarms should be installed within 10 feet of bedroom doors.

What is code for fire alarms in home?

For many years NFPA 72, National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code , has required as a minimum that smoke alarms be installed inside every sleep room (even for existing homes ) in addition to requiring them outside each sleeping area and on every level of the home . (Additional smoke alarms are required for larger homes .)

What version of NFPA 72 does Massachusetts use?

Massachusetts recently adopted the 2013 version of NFPA 72 and the 2015 version of the IBC.

What can make a fire alarm go off for no reason?

10 reasons for smoke detector false alarms Burnt Food on Stovetop. If you don’t supervise the stove when cooking, your dinner may produce smoke , which activates the smoke alarm . Burnt Toast or Popcorn. Fireplaces. High Humidity. Steam. Insects. Chemical Smells. Dust and Dirt.

How long is a smoke certificate good for in MA?

90 days

Do battery operated smoke detectors meet code?

Code requirements mandate that smoke alarms must be hard-wired directly into the home’s electrical system and provided with a backup battery to keep the unit functioning during a power failure. Smoke alarms powered by batteries alone are allowed if the home was built before building codes required hard-wired units.

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Where should smoke alarms not be placed?

In very dusty, dirty, or greasy areas. Do not install a Smoke Alarm directly over the stove or range. Clean a laundry room unit frequently to keep it free of dust or lint. Near fresh air vents, ceiling fans, or in very drafty areas.

Do smoke alarms need to be on a dedicated circuit?

A smoke detector does not need to be on a dedicated circuit in most instances, but builders should consult local building codes to check any applicable regulations. A maximum of 18 compatible units may be interconnected (Maximum of 12 Smoke Alarms ). The same fuse or circuit breaker must power all interconnected units.

Can you mount a smoke detector vertically?

1 Answer. You can mount them vertically , but they have to be installed 4-12 inches (spacing usually on the instructions) from the ceiling. So it might be better to put in on the column than the beam, depending on how large that beam is.

What is the current building code in Massachusetts?

780 CMR

Can a smoke alarm go off for no reason?

Smoke alarms sound for all sorts of reasons —beyond actual fires, that is: Dust or other debris on the sensor. Spiders or insects taking refuge inside the alarm (Ugh) Humidity, including steam from your shower (And you thought a middle-of-the-night malfunction was bad !)

Why did my fire alarm go off in the middle of the night?

A common complaint we hear about are smoke alarms that go off in the middle of the night . Make sure you use good quality batteries, as cheap batteries may not be strong enough to power the alarm and again cause the alarm to bleep during the night .

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Why did my smoke alarm go off for a few seconds?

Smoke detectors are meant to beep for a couple of seconds whenever their batteries are changed or when they’re powered up. It’s their way of proving that they can still sound off and make some noise. In this case, beeping for a few seconds is what you want to have happened.

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