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How do I find out how much child support I owe in Massachusetts?

You can request payment information at any time through our Automated Voice Response System by calling (800) 332-2733. Callers in the Boston area should call (617) 660-1234.

How do I pay my child support in MA?

You can pay by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover) over the phone by calling (800) 332-2733, or (617) 660-1234 if you’re in Greater Boston. A small convenience fee is added to each credit card payment .

Where do I find my child support PIN number?

Your PIN can be found on documents that DOR sends to you.

What is the 1 800 number for child support?

CSS Customer Service Center: 1-800-992-9457 Call the CSS Customer Service Center for all questions. The toll free number connects you with the Interactive Voice Response system available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What is the minimum child support payment in Massachusetts?

The minimum order is $25.00/week. In rare cases, if the other parent has very little money, the court might order them to pay less or no child support at all. When a judge orders child support , they also order the parents to provide health insurance. The judge can order either parent to provide health insurance.

How long does child support last in Massachusetts?

18 years

Where is my ma state tax refund?

To check the status of your tax refund by phone, call (617) 887-6367 or toll-free in Massachusetts (800) 392-6089 and follow the automated prompts.

What is the main purpose of child support?

The foundation and goal of child support are to divide the costs associated with raising a child or children between the parents. Unless the parents agree on a different arrangement, child support is usually paid in the form of regular payments by one parent to the other to help support the child’s basic needs.

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How do I contact Mass Dor?

(617) 887-6367. 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.

How do I find out my child support reference number?

Before you call you should have with you: your Child Support Reference Number (CSRN), you can find this on letters we have sent you. your Child Support Personal Identification Number (PIN), this can’t be a temporary PIN. something to write with , such as a pen and paper.

How do I find my personal identification number?

Your Personal Identification Number ( PIN ) Retrieve your IP PIN online at the IRS’s Get an IP PIN site; or. Call the IRS at 1-800-908-4490 to have your IP PIN mailed to you. However, this can take up to 21 days.

How do I check my child support in WV?

1-800-249-3778 or dhhr. wv .gov/bcse/Pages/BCSE.aspx.

What does IRN mean for child support?

Individual Registration Number

What’s the number to Florida child support?


At what age do you stop paying child support in Mississippi?

18 years

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