Massachusetts division of licensure

How do I find out if my electrician is licensed in Massachusetts?

You can check a professional license with ePlace. Simply search by filling out the required information, including Board Category, License Type, and License Number.

How do I get a low voltage license in MA?

The applicant for a Class D license must furnish proof of at least 4,000 hours of practical experience under the direct supervision of a licensed Systems Technician, as well as 300 hours of approved educational instruction, both within specified time periods.

How do I check a contractors license in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts Contractor License Lookup and Verification Visit the Official Website of the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security Department of Public Safety database to verify the status of an individual’s license .

What states reciprocity with Massachusetts electrical license?

The Electricians’ Board currently has active reciprocal agreements for the master and journeyman license with the states of Maine , and Vermont and Massachusetts. These are long standing agreements that recognize the master and journeyman licenses of these areas as being substantially equal to those of New Hampshire .

Is license the same as certification?

Although some jurisdictions use the term certification as signifying governmental authority to practice a profession, the difference between licensure and certification is essentially the difference between governmental regulation and self-regulation of a profession. and effectively practice the regulated profession.

How do I get a Massachusetts electrical license?

How to Become an Electrician in Massachusetts Complete the Required Number of Classroom Training and Field Experience Hours to Become a Journeyman. Pass the Exam Required to Earn Your Journeyman Electrician License . Pass the Exam Required to Earn Your Master Electrician’s License in Massachusetts .

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What is the average age of a licensed journeyman electrician in Massachusetts?


Can I do my own electrical work in Massachusetts?

According to Massachusetts Electrical Code, a homeowner may perform electrical work provided that: The work being done is residential, not commercial; and. The person performing the work is the property owner; and. The person performing the work resides at the property.

How do I become a journeyman?

The first step to becoming a journeyman electrician is to complete an apprenticeship program, which involves a prescribed number of hours of classroom instruction followed by paid work experience and on-the-job training. The whole process can take around four years.

Does a handyman need a license in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts . A handyman who performs home improvement jobs and property repairs does not need a state license , but must have a home improvement contractor registration. There is no exam requirement, but you must pay a registration fee.

Do carpenters need a license in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts . A carpenter only needs a Home Improvement Contractor Registration to do projects that are considered ordinary repairs on a property, such as repairing an existing deck. You won’t need to take an exam for your registration.

Do you need a contractors license in Massachusetts?

In Massachusetts , general contractors are called Construction Supervisors. Anyone who wants to operate as a general contractor in Massachusetts needs a Massachusetts Construction Supervisor License —either restricted or unrestricted.

How much does a journeyman electrician make in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts Average As of Dec 13, 2020, the average annual pay for a Journeyman Electrician in Massachusetts is $59,497 an year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $28.60 an hour. This is the equivalent of $1,144/week or $4,958/month.

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What states do not require electrical license?

There are some exceptions. Starting with the easiest, there are no statewide low-voltage licensing requirements in Iowa, Kansas, Mississippi , New Hampshire , North Dakota , Ohio and Wisconsin. While Colorado , Indiana, Missouri and Pennsylvania have no statewide requirements, localities in these states do have them.

How much do electricians make per state?

Average Electrician Salary by State

Rank State 2018 Average Salary
16 Connecticut $59,500
21 Delaware $58,890
47 Florida $45,240
40 Georgia $50,540

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