Massachusetts charter public school association

What is a charter school in Massachusetts?

Authorized by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts ‘ Education Reform Act of 1993, charter schools are independent public schools that operate under five year charters granted by the Commonwealth’s Board of Elementary and Secondary Education.

What is the difference between a charter school and regular public school?

Charter schools are public schools that are independent of school districts through contracts with state or local boards. As public schools , charter schools are open to all children, do not require entrance exams, cannot charge tuition, and must participate in state testing and federal accountability programs.

What is the controversy with charter schools?

They contend that charters inadequately serve children with special needs. Charter schools suspend children with disabilities at a higher rate than public schools, and there have been many cases of inadequacy due to a lack of resources, experience, and insensitivity.

How many charter schools are in Boston?

There are 78 charter schools operating in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts during the 2016–2017 academic year. Individual school profiles are available at the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Why are charter schools better?

Because charters tend to serve far fewer students with disabilities and fewer who don’t speak English as their first language, they can appear to be higher performing. Many charters do not “backfill” when students leave or take older students. Charter schools keep only the students they want.

Do charter school students have to take state tests?

The answer is yes: charter schools have to take state tests . It also requires states to have a single state -wide accountability system for all of its public schools , including charter schools . Charter schools are held accountable to state academic standards, ensuring a high-quality education for their students .

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Do parents pay for charter schools?

The answer to “ do you have to pay to go to a charter school ?” is no. Charter schools , like all public schools , are tuition-free. As public schools , charter schools are publicly funded by local, state, and federal tax dollars similar to district—or traditional— schools .

Why parents choose charter schools?

Parents are choosing charter schools for a reason According to the survey results, the top three reasons why parents choose charters are their academic reputation (32%), proximity to home/work (28%), and a safe environment (27%).

Why do charter schools pay less?

It is possible that charter school teachers’ salaries are lower because they tend to have worked for fewer years at their current schools . However, the Schools and Staffing Survey does not provide salary data by seniority level. Note also that some charter schools pay teachers markedly higher salaries.

Are charter schools for bad students?

On average, studies have found that student performance at charter schools is quite similar to performance at comparable public schools — if not a little worse. A 2003 national study showed charter school students were no better than public schools at educating kids.

Do colleges accept charter school diplomas?

College admissions committees generally view charter schools the same as they do any other school . They will consider the difficulty of your coursework along with your level of success. Obviously, if a charter school is highly ranked and you are successful there, college admissions committees will be impressed.

Why do charter schools hurt public schools?

Charter school opponents tend to focus on one pain point: Charter schools take funding from the public school district. Federal funding, such as that for low-income students or students with disabilities, also, theoretically, follows the student. Some, but not all, of the local funding may go with the student.

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Who do charter schools serve?

Charter schools are considered ‘ schools of choice’ that give families more options for their children’s public education. Charters claim high academic standards, small class size, and innovative approaches to teaching and learning. On average, charter schools serve about 300 students.

What does Charter mean?

the grant of authority

Is a charter school a private school?

It may surprise you to know that charter schools are not private schools , but charter schools can certainly be described as private -ish, since they draw up their own curriculums and aren’t tied to certain state standards.

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